Kinect Sees A Million Sales In 10 Days

Microsoft says it has already sold one million Kinect cameras to Xbox 360 owners since the add-on for the console launched in the US earlier this month.

Xbox man Don Mattrick calls the 10 days worth of sales "a great start to the holiday season". The Xbox 360 maker hopes to sell five million of the things by the end of the year, with launches in Japan and Australia to come later this month.

Sony said last month that its motion-controller add-on for the PlayStation 3 had shipped a million units since its launch on September 15.


    Is there some way I can place a bet on Kinect not reaching its end of year milestone?

    3 more days :(

      3 more? I thought it came out on Thursday?

        Well, yeah. But who knows what time on Thursday. Might be 9am, might be 5pm. They made me wait till 5:30pm on launch day to get GH:WT from JB when it came out...

    Notice the difference between 'sold' and 'shipped'. This does actually kind of surprise me though, I felt the Move looked a little better in terms of actual gaming compared to the Kinect. As many people have said maybe when we get some more interesting games on the Kinect it could be better but at the moment the Move is more tempting.

    I wonder if this is just because the Kinect was marketed better, or if the Xbox 360 is more popular and people are more likely to buy the peripheral for the console they have.

      I think it also has to do with more varied and casual software available with Kinect that has currently made it the more appealing of the two.

      Sports Champions was pretty much the strongest title out of the initial shoveware. and a few updated titles in Resident Evil Gold and Heavy Rain.

      I'd like to know what the difference is in marketing budgets for the two of them. I'd be surprised if Sony is even spending 10% of Microsoft's $500m.

      It'd also be interesting to come back in 6 months and see if these Moves and Kinects are gathing as much dust as most Wii's I've seen.

    I find this a little hard to believe, I wonder where the 'sales' figures are from, and whether it includes all the ones they are giving away.

    I'd imagine this is accurate.

    It's really only launched in the US and Europe, which is where MS is strong.
    I'd like a breakdown of how many were sold with new consoles... as that would tell if they're new customers or not.

    The use of the word "sold" is, I think, a subtle jab at Sony.

      Along with the words "units" as Sony considered the playstation eye as a unit, the wand a unit and the nunchuck thingy a unit.

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