Kinect Unloved And Lonely In Tokyo

In an effort to give Japanese gamers a body-on with Kinect, Xbox Japan set up a demo station at a large electronics store in Tokyo's Shinjuku. Make that, a lonely demo station - for now, at least!

According to the individual who took these images, the photos were snapped sometime between 1pm and 2pm. And, perhaps, more people tried the device out during the evening.

The reaction online to these photos is telling. Besides snide remarks like "Smashing success", Japanese internet people seem surprised by how much space the Kinect requires. If anything, the demo kiosk could put off players who live in small, urban apartments.

Others point out that playing Kinect like this in the middle of an electronics store is somewhat embarrassing.

Microsoft typically has an uphill battle with its game equipment in The Land of the Rising Sun. Early indications are that Kinect will be no different.

キネクト新宿ビック体験会が・・・・誰もいない・・・・ [神羅@ゲーム速報]


    Maybe Microsoft should make something fun. That way the Japanese will play it. Gears of War and it's clones are not fun. If that's your thing, great!

    It's not for the Japanese market, though.

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