Know Mega Man's Evil Robot Masters

With 10 instalments of the main Mega Man series and several spinoffs, it's hard to tell one evil Robot Master from the next. That's where Udon's Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide comes in.

The Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide, due out in March of next year from frequent Capcom collaborator Udon Entertainment, compiles data on every evil robot that's appeared in Mega Man 1-10, Mega Man and Bass, and the Mega Man Gameboy series into a 144-page paperback. It's packed with original Capcom art, biographies, and the most effective way to reduce each robot to its component parts. The guide even covers characters like Proto Man, Rush, Roll, and Duo, who aren't quite evil but important nonetheless.

Check out a few pages from the upcoming volume here. The Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide is now available for preorder at


    That actually looks pretty bloody awesome! hehe

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