Korean Kid Murders Mother Then Kills Himself Over "Internet Games"

A sad reminder tonight that video games don't always end up in good times: a 15 year-old boy from South Korea has murdered his mother then killed himself following "a fight over Internet games".

The boy, from Busan in Korea's south-east, got into an argument on Monday night with his mother when she "scolded" him for playing video games.

As tensions escalated, the boy strangled his mother to death before hanging himself.

[Associated Press]


    gee if only he did it in reverse order.

      Family killing... Its your family... I just don't get it... What the f**k man?!

        I think you'll find Doug meant if only he hung himself FIRST, he WOULDN'T have been able to kill HER.

          spot on Sam

          I realized that. I was merely showing my amazement that someone could do that to their own family.

    Why is this story on kotaku? It has nothing to do with videogames. The kid got angry during a fight. What the fight was about is irrelevant.

      Completely topical. Someone, somewhere, someday will mention;

      "remember that Korean kid who killed his mum over a video game? That's proof video games are bad"

      Now you can say, no idiot, he strangled his mother because he was a psycho, and didn't like being told off.

      It is extremely relevant.

      I disagree.

      If the fight was about cars, this'd be on Jalopnik.
      About pop culture/gossip, Defamer.
      About sci-fi media, io9.
      (The list is endless outside of Gawker media sites.)

      It was a fight over games, ergo, it belongs here.

      It's ugly, and no gamer WANTS this news, but it happened.

        100 Years ago it would have been whatever the fad at the time was, chewing the ends of gums, skimming rocks, playing hookey (truancy)...
        If the kid (or player) is bat sh!t crazy (nuts, has a screw loose, has a psychological disorder, etc) it won't matter what they were doing at the time to set off a violent reaction, it was inevitable.

        The media jumps on it only because it involves video games. Where were they for the other 1000+ murders in that country, let alone every other country.

        A trivial death seems to take more precedent for some reason, and as @Sam has pointed out - become point of focus in the relevant media.

        The conflict comes from an outward burst of rage from the imposed control (which is a parent's right) upon the child. Unfortunately, as he was emotionally, and psychologically immature - he acted out irrationally in the most disgusting way: ending another's life - as a means to reclaim his lost control - but fortunately, even though far too late, he was overcome with the guilt of the act and suicided.

        Considering this result means he will never play games again, it is clear he reacts to his emotions first before letting himself have a chance to process the consequences of his actions.

        There's no reset button for life choices.

    A lot of parent's could learn a very important lesson from this story

      Yeah, don't scold your kids. Even 15 year olds have the strength to kill.

    farmvile strikes again...

    Not relevant to this community at all.
    In this situation (a series of events that culminated in a matricide and a suicide), the video games are like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.
    And NO ONE ever credits the briefcase as being the reason that Marvin got shot in the face.

    Wow, this is ridiculously messed up.

    I'd rather not read these stories.

      Welcome to insignificant existence. Don't worry; it'll end, for you - us all - shortly. =)
      Chin up - nothing matters.

    Oh gee I don't see how he could have ever done this because he was potentially homicidal already and angry at his mother for trying to take something away from him, no he definitely did it because the argument was ABOUT VIDEO GAMES.

    This only proves that beating your children, so they fear you will prevent a coup de tat, on the parent. The child must submit otherwise he will muster up strength to prevail over the tyrant. In this day and age people are forgetting children need discipline and without it they will know no bounds, they will do everything and try to be everything in the worst way. What does a slave do if they have too much freedom? They wrecks havoc and becomes a masochistic exhibitionist who want to be controlled.

    In before the

    "Did she drop any loot?"

    crowd. Oh wait.

    It involves games. period.

    yes it has to do with the kid having a screw missing. At the end of the day however it was his gaming emotions that got the better of his rational thought.

    Any field where passion is involved, death will be to? That's what I take out of it.

    The media are biased, games are an easy scape goat, but stories like that should be posted here, as a reminder. Hell we all have raged, cursed and smacked our desk playing a game.

    ESPECIALLY HON... my word, that game gets the best and the worst out of me lol

    South Korea has a fanatical obsession with games. The rest of the world has a far lower occurence of game-related crimes.

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