Kotaku Awards 2010: Indie Games

Hey guys, we're about to kick off our Kotaku Game of the Year awards, and this year we want your vote!

This week we're going to be asking you guys for nominations for each award, before putting it to a vote next week.

First up is Indie games - these can be Indie games on Steam, Xbox LIVE, PSN, or the Virtual Console.

So how about it? Which Indie games were your favourites in 2010? Super Meat Boy? Limbo? Let us know your nominations in the comments below.


    Super Meat Boy, Overgrowth (I know it's not out yet, but SHUT UP!), Flower (or was that last year), and Minecraft.

    They'd all better be in the awards... or else... XD

      Super Meat Boy !

    will honestly say i didn't play any indy games this year...

    i feel so... conformist...

    I still play Shank and Scott Pilgrim. Those two were just pure, pure joy. And Canabalt, of course.

      Bah, man I'm a dope. LIMBO! Nearly forgot (thanks Mark). Gets my vote too for sure.

      SPvsTW was made by Ubisoft - hardly an "indie" title

      Oh, didnt read that one properly. Guess not Canabalt then. Doesnt really belong ^_^

      And yes, that is the second reply I've made. To myself.

      I don't think you can really call the Scott Pilgrim game indie when it was made by Ubisoft...

      That aside, my votes would go to Minecraft, Soldner X-2, and Crescent Pale Mist (a PSN re-release counts, right?). This is assuming Crescent Pale Mist plays anywhere near as good as the PC version did since the damn Aus store doesn't have it yet and so I've yet to get my hands on the port.

    Super Meat Boy and Limbo - no contest

      Yup. Super Meat Boy's great and, even though I don't have it, I've heard nothing but good things for Limbo.

      Hey Mark, you should totally have a competition where people need to make a level for SMB... out of human flesh! >:

      Or just normal meat, whatever's fine.

    Super Meat Boy for me. But Minecraft's success warrants consideration

    surely you gotta go with Minecraft for the easy win

    super meat boy is just like N+ just with humorous memes and whimsy. Limbo is an unequaled experience. Also, Limbo (imo) is such a perfect (if not too short) package, that it will be in my top 5 games overall, nevermind 'indie' games.


      I'd go for Minecraft too... except it's not on any of the platforms listed above.

      So my vote is for Scott Pilgrim. A fantastic brawler.

        Who cares if MineCraft isn't on steam (or if it isn't officially "released" yet)?
        Minecraft FTW!!!

    Super Meat Boy. Attempting to finish the Cotton Alley Chapter at the moment...it ain't easy!

    Hi Mark, regarding of indie games, did you get my review of Puzzle Bots I emailed in a few weeks back? I'd nominate that one.

    Also definitely Minecraft. Notch deserves high praise for his game. And it's only in alpha at the moment. Amazing!

    Oh, and Meat Boy. So hard but so good.

    Definitely Amnesia.

    Limbo for sure.

    Also Minecraft if its able to be nominated.

    Just because it has a retro aesthetic, doesn't mean it is indie. As great as it is, Scott Pilgrim really doesn't qualify.

    Limbo. I want to take that game down behind a middle-school and get it pregnant.

    Monday Night Combat - the Crossfire game is one of the greatest things to happen to games all year!

    Limbo and Super Meat Boy.

    I haven't played Minecraft... or Monday Night Combat.

    Man, gonna be a toughie this year. Minecraft has the popularity, but games like Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Scott Pilgrim all have pretty devoted followings too.

    Going to be a very interesting contest...

      I meant Limbo, not Braid. Gah, second game name I've stuffed up today.

      *goes away in shame*

    I want to say Natural Selection 2, but I'll nominate Minecraft.

    Minecraft, no doubt.

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