Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite Console Game

Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite Console Game

Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite Console GameYesterday we asked you to vote for your favourite Indie game of 2010, now we’re looking for your opinion on console games. 2010 was one of the best years in recent memory – you only have to look at the ridiculous list below to get an idea of just how many high quality titles were released over the last 12 months. Choose wisely


  • Hi, I’ll be the only person voting for the insanely good Alan Wake.

    I found it hard not to click on RB3, ME2, Reach or Brotherhood, but Wake is the winner for me this year.

    • I was just saying this morning in talk amongst that it was the biggest disappointment for me this year. Too much forest and repetitive baddies and nonsensical drunken scenes.

      To each his own!

    • Alan Wake for me as well. An utterly compelling story that stayed with me for weeks after I’d finished it. Even though I won the game in a comp, I gave it to a mate and bought the collectors edition. Then I bought the soundtrack. I haven’t been truly obsessed with a game like that in a very long time.

      Don’t even get me started on those Bright Falls webisodes…

      • Each to their own of course, but wow really? I think Alan Wake is a no brainer for disappointment of the year. Tedious, derivative, repetitive gameplay with and terrible writing and dialogue that quite honestly made me embarrassed to be playing it with other people in the room. And these are people who sat through me playing FFXIII. 😀 Compared in every category to other contenders like RDR or Heavy Rain, AW looks like a childish, confused step backwards for the industry in the genre it tries to further.

        • It’s interesting, because my lady wouldn’t let me play it unless she was there to watch the story unfold. And if I ever did sneaking play ahead, she’d make me play her the cutscenes leading up to that point.

          In terms of the writing and dialogue, it perfectly captures the supernatural pulp sci-fi novel vibe. A little cheesy and cliched, but all with tongue in cheek (like the hilarious Max Payne references.)

          I’ll agree that the gameplay was repetitive in parts, but I guess I was sucked into the story so much that I didn’t mind. The best moment in the game for me was when I strayed off the path and climbed a lookout post. I found a radio and turned it on, and proceeded to listen to a 3 minute talkback segment about someone looking for love, whilst Mr Wake stared out into the setting sun.

          Whether it was intentional or not, it played as a moment of simple bliss in amongst the nightmarish events that had occured/were still to come. I ate that shit up.

          In fact, I’d almost suggest reinventing Alan Wake as a Shenmue-style adventure game with combat segments. But this comes from a man that actually enjoyed airing out the books in Shenmue 2, so I guess I have my own issues to deal with!

          • I think what really killed me is that was always ALMOST immersive to me, but it just never got me (I’m jealous!). It’s quite telling that your favourite moment in the game was one of the rare times you were allowed to stray off the beaten path and experience something of ‘your own’. I loved the spooky forest environments but it just frustrated the hell out of me that the GUI was really bright and always on the screen, including a map AND your objective written there. How much more terrifying and immersive would it have been if there was no interface on screen and you were heading towards a landmark like a tower on the hill by purely seeing glimpses of it through the trees yourself as opposed to a massive glowing HEAD TO THE TOWER and map.

            Admittedly I’m not one for supernatural thriller writing, I can see parts were intentionally cheesy but oh how easy it is to let that become an excuse! Probably didn’t help that I played it straight after playing Heavy Rain either.. 😛

          • You make very good points, which I can see any sane person agreeing with 🙂

            That said, I have not actually played Heavy Rain myself, though I have watched a mate of mine play it for a few hours. It’s a great game to watch, but my lack of a PS3 has prevented me from experiencing it first-hand.

          • Reasonable, lighthearted and interesting discussion from what appears to be opposing views about a game that didn’t turn into flaming and wild ‘fanboy’ accusations! This is something we should do more of on Kotaku! 😀

  • Oh God, it’s so hard to choose.

    I want to say Mass effect 2 but realistically it was kind of a let down after Mass Effect 1.

    I want to say Halo Reach out of loyalty to Halo (and because I genuinely feel it’s their best and most replayable campaign to date, accompanied by their trademark excellent multiplayer), plus I am currently being blown away by AC Brotherhood (which I’m yet to finish despite hours upon hours of mucking about.

    Splinter Cell Conviction was likewise, quite excellent.

    I loved Heavy Rain but it’s just not quite up there with the others. Same with New Vegas, which apart from the updated reputation system, felt inferior to Fallout 3 in every way.

    Bugger it, Halo it is.

  • Heavy Rain for me, without a single second of hesitation. As much as ME2, RDR and others were successful games, they were sequels or variants of games that we’ve seen 1000 times. Not everybody likes Heavy Rain, but this name will still be cited for a long time when discussing the video game history in the future.

  • That part at the end of Red Dead Redemption when you put down the controller, step into the shower, turn on the cold water tap, lie down in the fetal position and cry – that’s when you realise John Marston is a hot man stallion like Freddie Mercury & RD: Redemption is a very, very special experience – like . . . um . . . Jimi Hendrix? Remember: a vote for Redemption is a vote for victory and nothing else in the world smells like victory . . . except for napalm.

  • Bayonetta hands down. I can’t even play the slowfest that is GoW3 after experiencing how fast, fluid and awesome an action game can be. I sure hope it becomes the benchmark in action games.

  • It was a tie among AC: Brotherhood, Splinter Cell Conviction and Halo: Reach for me. All three delivered very good game plots and gameplay. I voted for Splinter Cell Conviction because it seems most underrated.

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