Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite Indie Game

Alright everyone - last week we took your nominations for Best Indie Game of 2010, now we're putting them to the vote.

So what's it going to be? Cast your vote below and feel free to argue about it in the comments section!

What was the best indie game of 2010?online surveys


    I voted Limbo. It was pretty surreal, completely different in that respect.

      Same. It deserved it for its absolutely incredible atmosphere, if nothing else.

      Me too. Mainly the giant spiders.

    I voted 'vvvvvv' because I can't stop playing it! :D

    My vote went to Super Meat Boy, it's the only game that gave me a reason to come back. I haven't played much of VVVVV, but I suspect that if I did, the choice would be tougher.

    Minecraft, I'm playing it as I type this comment.

    Minecraft FTW

    I haven't played any of them but i have watched people play limbo and it looks awesome. Definitely an interesting title, I just wish it was on PSN as well. =[

    A field of strong contenders. Limbo for originality and complexity rising from simplicity, Minecraft for renerwing the creative endevours lego once inspired.
    All different, all great, but my vote goes to Limbo for the atmosphere.

    I voted Amnesia: The Dark Descent... mainly because it makes you poo your pants.

    I'm voting for Braid, because I didn't play it last year and now I'm desperately trying to attone for the sins of my past.

    Game Dev Story.. maybe. But why did we even have this pole, Minecraft will win by a landslide.

    Wow, Minecraft, Meat Boy, Braid or VVVVVV.

    This is an extremely hard choice.

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