Kotaku Gift Guide: For The Lady Who Has Everything

Christmas is coming. I know this because I live right next to Westfield Parramatta, and I'm constantly trying to drown out Paul McCartney's 'Wonderful Christmas Time'. To 'celebrate' having to spend loads of cashola on your 'loved' ones, we thought it might be helpful to create some gift guides for you. Via the gift of stereotypes, we're going to try and target each of our guides at a specific group of people.

First up: a gift guide for the girl who sometimes plays games, but doesn't really.

Now don't get me wrong, this is not one of those horrible, slighly sexist 'how to get girls gaming' gift guides, goodness knows I've written enough of those, this is more of a guide to buying game related gifts for a girl who doesn't really play games all that often.

SUGGESTION #1 Kinect with a copy of Dance Central: $199.95 plus $89.95 Truly Dance Central is a gift suitable for anyone, and I'm probably going to include it in every gift guide we do (even our 'Burly, VB Drinking Truck Driver Guide'). But, specifically, for the girl who is tech savvy and has a passing interest in gaming, Dance Central is where it's at. It's accessible, has wow factor, and has a top notch, pop soundtrack. It really is an amazing amount of fun.

To quote one Ralph Wiggum, it's 'unpossible' to not have fun with this game. Good luck working out what that sentence means.

SUGGESTION #2 iPod Touch: $289 (8GB) We've had a quick play with the new iPod touch, and we love it. It's light, thin, and the app store is just full of awesome games. If you feel like splashing out some cash you may want to pick up some App store vouchers as well, to give the lady a head start.

SUGGESTION #3 LittleBigPlanet Sackboy Plush: $19.95 (roughly) For a smaller game related gift, you can't go past Sackboy. I've yet to meet anyone - man, woman or beast - who doesn't find Sackboy adorable, and when you put this little guy in a tactile, cuddly form, it's a world beater. These are hard to get hold of, but you should be able to find them online, or in-store at GameTraders.

Are we crazy? Flat out wrong? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!


    I'd say Kirby's epic yarn... but.. you know...

    Seeing as my wife's a gamer, I do have a good inkling of what works and what doesn't. It all depends on the personality though. My wife looooooves her DS, as do most females I know, so DS would always be a good option. As for a game to go with it, that's a tough one. My wife loves scribblenauts cos it makes her think, and also loves Picross 3d for the same reason. She doesn't really go for the mario type games though cos her reaction time is a bit on the slow side for things like that.

    My sister played dance central at my place the other night... rang me the next day with a tonne of questions about it.

    Apparently, she updated her facebook to something about it being "cool" and "like the minority report" and all her friends wanted to ask about it.

    Bloody thing is going to sell like crazy.

    whoa, you live near Westfield Parramatta? Me too! About 8 minutes away from the nearest point. I guess this is gonna be a bit creepy now. I might be within a one kilometre radius from Mark D=

    Anyway. In terms of a game-related plush toy, I think Yoshi would also be extremely popular with girls, and is also quite iconic and found pretty much anywhere.

    I would like a copy of Red Dead Redemption since I've been too poor to buy it recently. Or a copy of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. All on PS3, please. Thank you Santa.

    If I find a copy of Dance Central in my stocking I will be using it as a coaster.

    Your fave gal,

    PS: A Sackboy plush would also be fan-bloody-tastic :D.


      If you get a copy of Dance Central, I will be happy to work out a trade for the above named.






      I'm with you on the Dance Central as a coaster thing. Sure, the dancing part may be fun after a few drinks but no amount of alcohol is going to make me able to listen to the songs you'd be dancing to without wanting to sit in the corner with my hands over my ears rocking back and forth, back and forth....

      Oh, and there's a bigger Sackboy plush for around $29.95. I'll be getting one for my daughter.

      Head to ozgameshop, RDR is $40 for the PS3 right now

    Get one of your old cameras, put it in front of the TV, put on a copy of Richard Simmons' Greatest Workouts and convince the missus that a) you actually bought Kinect, and b) that video games really do look that photo realistic (although IRL Richard Simmons has trouble climbing out of the Uncanny Valley).

    What about the girl that games all the time on your console but doesn't have her own? :P

    Dear Santa-god,

    Maybe you could give the ipod touch to my Nan? She's the only one I know who doesn't own an ipod.

    Kinect? I already have a Wii that hasn't been turned on in a year, thanks. Maybe you could spend that $200 plus on getting me some real games. Even better, get them from the UK, and I can get so many more!

    Thank you Santa!

    This is a good list.
    Gateway games, to turn the "girl who sometimes plays games, but doesn’t really" into the girl who keeps wanting you to stop playing so she can have a turn. Plus, who could resist the charms of a snuggly Sackboy?

    Where can I get a Sackboy plush? The ones I see at Game are the hard plastic ones.

    Dear Santa,

    This Christmas I would like you to give me a gamer girl to give geeky presents to. Thanks in advance.


    I really should have read that last sentence, with the gifts for girls who don't really game. Good work, judgmental me!

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