Kotaku Gift Guide: Your Mum

Kotaku Gift Guide: Your Mum

You know what? Traditionally, game related gifts aren’t always the best way to go when it comes to Christmas shopping for your parents. But things are changing. It was just the other day, I was on the phone to my own mum and she says, “oh, what’s that thingy thing they have on the PS3, that one where you don’t need the controller. Oh, that looks nice.”

That conversation actually happened.

Here’s the thing about mums. They’re generally always threatening to do things that they don’t end up doing. Exercise for example: my mum is constantly talking about the exercise she’s going to do… whilst sitting on the couch watching Packed To The Rafters with a giant bag of M&Ms in her lap. My advice is this: pander to the fact that your mum wants to do exercise, but be prepared for the inevitability of your gift gathering dust next to the Aerobics Oz Style VHS you bought ten years ago.

Kinect plus Your Shape: RRP $199.95 plus $89.95

Kinect is a no brainer, especially if you live at home and have an Xbox 360 in the main living area. It has that gimmicky new thing about it. Just be prepared for the fact that there is definitely a breaking in period in terms of accessibility. Unless your mum is tech-savvy, it’s going to take a while before she’s used to setting everything up.

Nintendo DSi XL: RRP $299.95

This is a bit steep in our opinion. But when we see Rebecca Gibney from Packed to the Rafters, we think ‘mum’. And now when we think ‘mum’ we think ‘DSi XL. Curse you effective Nintendo advertisements. It makes sense, pretty much the only people in Australia who don’t have a Nintendo DS are women in their 40s/50s.

Wii Fit Plus (Game and Balance Board): RRP $159.95

There’s a strong possibility that your parents have a Wii gathering dust somewhere, so perhaps picking up Wii Fit Plus (even though it’s pretty old hat these days) might be a good idea, particularly if you can find somewhere selling it for a bit less than the RRP. It’s fun, easy to use, and almost every household has a Wii. No brainer really.

What do you guys think we miss anything? Should we even consider buying games for our parents? Let us know in the comments.


  • Don’t forget about Olivia Newton John, too! And I guess to a lesser extent, Delta Goodrem. Also, wasn’t there also that Beyonce one from the US OH GOD HOW IS IT I REMEMBER ALL THIS

    Also, I believe Target is selling a DSi + Mario Kart for $199. I don’t know if the XL size makes all the difference, but it is $100 cheaper.

  • Not a chance, all parents that I know do not and will not play games. Although I only know ones in their 40s/50s..it’s just an alien medium.

    • My 52 year old mother played CoD:MW once apon a time.
      Watching her talk about owning noobs is still a horrifying thought.

    • My Mum is about to turn 62, and she loves the wii fit she got last year. She has lost 8kgs as well. Not so much because of the wii activity itself, but the focus it put on her health. She loves the way it keeps track of your weight and progress and prompted her to get healthy in the rest of her lifestyle. She plays some xbox1 games as well, and loves old-school arcade games like Pengo and pac-man.

    • My mum is 53, and I’m getting her Civ V for Christmas. Her hint was not so much a hint as a statement of fact.

      It makes me nostalgic, I remember finding her hunched in front of Civ II or Alpha Centauri plenty of times when I was a teenager.

      “You should be in bed, what are you doing up so late?” she’d ask me blearily.

      And I’d say: “Going to school, mum…”

  • My mum already has Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. She’s been bugging me to give her back the TV I took from their room (my gaming TV doesn’t do 60Hz. Curse you Xbox developers!) so that she can set up the Wii again and get her exercises going.

    Definitely not getting a Kinect for her, both because of the price range and I don’t want to have to keep moving the bloody Xbox around the place 😛

  • My mother dislikes Kinect and Wii fit. She hates it almost.
    She already has a DS lite. What my Mum would really like is a decent game like Tetris, or Professor Layton and the Unwound future.

  • My mum wants Bejeweled 3 – which is a fuckton cheaper than buying her something like Kinect + a fitness game (she got Wii Fit for herself once upon a time, she used it once while I used it twice)

  • Maybe its just me, but if my son bought me wii fit or some other exercise product for xmas I’d feel pretty insulted! (to a point, I would of course love any gift he bestowed upon me, but the message that I need to lose weight isn’t terribly nice!)

    This mum would love Cataclysm, or Fallout: New Vegas or maybe even some $$ in her steam wallet for christmas thanks. 😀

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