LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Will Begin In February

The next great Star Wars LEGO adventure kicks off in February 2011, LucasArts has confirmed, bringing the plastic galactic battle into the Clone Wars era and adding a little real-time strategy to the series.

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars from LucasArts and TT Games will combine the double licensing power of the Clone Wars animated series and LEGO bricks for another tongue-in-cheek adventure that spans 20 story-based missions and 40 bonus levels. Players can also command an entire battalion of Clone Troopers in plastic combat against Battle Droids, building bases, deploying vehicles and strategizing cutely.

Expect the latest LEGO Star Wars adventure on February 15, 2011, in North America.


    Awesome they updated the EPII clone troopers to the newer Lego ones.

    It does however, worry me that they kept it quiet for so long... suspicious...

    Im a life-long SW fan and I just couldn't handle clone wars. This could be fun, though...

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