Let's Check Out The PS3's Classy New Movie Service

You know, I watch more movies on my PS3 than I play games. So a service like Mubi - which caters specifically to lovers of fine film - is the best thing to happen to my console in a long time.

Mubi launched last week in Europe and Australasia, and since so many of you are not from Europe or Australasia, I've put together this clip walking you through pretty much every aspect of the service (aside from actually watching a movie).

It's a really great service, so for your sake America (and Canada too!), I hope it expands to other regions soon.

If you've got any questions about Mubi that I didn't get around to in the clip below, ask in the comments and I'll try and answer them.


    I was really excited about Mubi. That was until I logged on and found that all the movies I wanted to watch weren't available. I understand Mubi wanting to look like it has a large collection (and it probably does) however it's a waste of my time to display movies that can't actually be rented. The UI is also really awkward, slow and difficult to navigate.

    That said, I still have hope for Mubi as it has a lot of potential. Hopefully these launch issues will be sorted out in the coming months.

      Rather than browse by all available movies I browse by those available.

      Still more than 500 available in Australia.

      Still a lot there I want to see...

      $6.75 each isn't super cheap, although if there's a couple my wife wants to watch the Subscription (for only a month) will work out much better ($20)

    Well I found it half decent however unless you have a huge data allowance, when you add all other online activity to this, plus the need to pay for it, it really is pretty pointless and a waste of data, time and money.

    Like the BBCiPlayer and the current online video service, there really isn't nuch point unless the services are unmetered by my ISP.


    I guess we aussies are never getting netflix.

      Qwed, Tim from Quickflix here. We love mubi - awesome UI and great social features. Re: Netflix for Australia, we're working hard on it. The devil is in the detail - not the technology, that's doable - but the commercials especially for mainstream hollywood recent release content (which you won't find on mubi).

      More about our plans here ! http://bit.ly/qfxvod1

    Big fan of foreign & arthouse movies, I just set this up now. It's definitely the sort of thing I'd subscribe to, however I'm not sure my internet connection will handle streaming films well enough for it to be worth it. Nothing worse than watching a movie and having it continually pause every few seconds...

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