Let's Dress Like It's The End Of The World (And We're Playing STALKER)

GSC Game World, developers of the cult PC shooter series STALKER, think there are people out there who would like to dress like someone who scrounges around in post-apocalyptic wastelands. So they've come up with an official line of STALKER clothing!

You can't buy any of these yet - GSC are just in the "prototype" stage, asking what fans think of the gear - but if there are enough die-hard fans to head out into the woods making their own STALKER-inspired clothing, surely there are enough who are happy to pay someone else to make it for them.

The line blends clothing that looks like it comes straight from the game with stuff that just looks... athletic with a STALKER logo on the front. Beats a line of Hot Topic shirts saying "I HEART CHERNOBYL", though!

Stalker Clothing Prototypes [Facebook - Thanks Arkosis!]


    there's a whole LARPing scene in Russia and the Ukraine built around the Stalker and Metro 2033 universes - BoingBoing did a post on it back in 08 (http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2008/05/14/real-stalker-cosplay.html).

      I find it somewhat humourous that instead of the fruity druids/fantasy/anime LARPing we have here, the Russians prefer apocalypse/end of the world shithole scenarios. It's very fitting.

      Thats awesome...You actually have to be handicapped to not get in to the Russian Army...In the US, any teen with acne or eczema can be told no for enlistment.....They have a higher population and better enlistment qualifications....We are doing our country no favors. All people should be allowed to serve that want to and can!!! PERIOD!!!

    hmm... i'd buy that top... if for nothing else, just coz i'm born in 86 lol

    I quite like these, if only they didn't have the stupid "STALKER" logo on them..........

    No gas masks? You'd be surprised how big an orgasm people have over them. Show pictures of wars with people in gasmasks "Oh this is so cool" death is cool innit?

    There is most definitely a niche for this sort of thing and I think they should go for it. The pants alone look great! They look like half of an authentic PSZ-9Md Duty suit (which could be combined with a brown leather garrison belt to complete the look). Aside from black, it would be good to see all the factional colors represented, especially OD green (lone wolf), Flectarn (Freedom), and blue (as per the older builds of the original game as well as certain mods). However, they should leave all external logos off since that makes it look too commercial (which detracts from authenticity).

    I would most definitely buy those PSZ-9Md prototype pants exactly as they are.

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