Let's Hope Half-Life 3 Looks This Good

While game studio Valve torture the world with a lack of updates to the Half-Life universe, animator James Benson has whipped up for kicks his own vision for an updated, improved Half-Life game.

Benson, who put together the brilliant Dance Fortress 2, has modelled not only a more fluid set of movements for Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman, but for the first time we get to see his legs.

The whole thing is very intimate, immediate and cinematic, taking as many cues from Call of Duty as it does Half-Life. We are very impressed.


    Making everything move with exaggerated gestures like a disney cartoon is not "fluid".

      Actually, the reason why Disney animate their characters that way is to make them appear more fluid, flowing and lively.

      Actually that's exactly what it means.
      Animation works by exagerating movements, if you keep it strictly realistic with either mocap or rotoscoping it looks crap.

    Animation quality can really make or break a game for me. I'd love to see more of this fluid-style animation, rather than repetitive, stock animations. It kind of breaks the immersion when your character reaches out to grab an item, misses inexplicably by about eight inches, and then magically collects it. Several times.

    Gotta agree with Lance to a degree on this one. It's easy to see how it's the same creator of Dance Fortress 2.

    I'm just glad you can see his legs.
    Why would they that that in L4D1 but not in L4D2?
    You should always be able to see your legs in FPSes.

      In a way, it goes against the way Half Life was designed. The whole idea was for you not to have a personality or say anything. In the same way that the cutscenes are all first person, the idea is for you to feel that it's actually you. Seeing the feet, although making it graphically more impressive, retracts from this ideal.

    Ugh. The animation's good.

    But "cinematic gameplay"? Do the people who use this phrase know what "contradiction in terms" mean?

    The very thing COD's praised for is actually a terrible step back for games. The non-interactive cutscenes are a complete anathema to gaming.

      Wasn't that pretty much half of HalfLife 2 though? All the people talking, watching Dog destroy the combine dudes that just busted through the door, watching Alyx climb over a building to lower a bridge so you can go through.

      It's one of the main things Half Life 2 was built around.


    personally i thought this was great. nice little abstract half life.

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