LunchTimeWaster: Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Jumper is super intuitive, it's also quite original and tactile. Almost like a stripped down Super Mario Galaxy crossed with Pixel Junk Eden, you must leap from planet to planet to progress. As you'd expect it starts out simple, before transforming into something that requires fiendish planning.

The mechanics work around reading angles. It's essentially a puzzle game that doesn't feel like a puzzle game, and the controls, which work via the mouse, are remarkably precise. Galaxy Jumper is a great amount of fun.

Galaxy Jumper [One Life Remains]


    I would pay money for this!

    Full version with heaps of levels and options on the PSN/Live service NOW!!!

    I didn't play this, only because i chose to instead go and watch clips from Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen!

      Screw Tim Allen. Alan Rickman is where it's at.

        By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, Rickman can share the spotlight with both Sam Rockwell (What's my last name, do I have a last name!?!) & Tony Shalhoub (getting nasty with an alien!)...

        Love that movie!

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