LunchTimeWaster: Me, Myself And No Way To Die

This would be a rather ordinary game if it wasn't such a psychological mindf—k with its haunting music and philosophical questions. Put the headphones on and turn up the volume - it'll make all the difference.

The Company of Myself is a beautifully illustrated puzzle that tells the story of a sad little chap and some woman named Kathryn, who is obviously special to him, but I still haven't worked out why.

But you will quickly discover that there's a point to why the game won't let you die. There are no points to score, no items to collect, and difficult to give up - the reward is in what you take away at the end of the story. *sniffle*

If you want the full experience (trust me, you do), don't skip past the scrolling message at the beginning.

The Company of Myself [Kongregate]


    I loved this game when it fist came out, but couldn't help but notice the clear "appropriations" from Braid.

    Good game, but still doesn't topple Braid for me.

    My 2cents.

    We've already seen this one!

    Twice, actually.

      Correct it has been on here a couple of times, great little game though!

      New editor, it's forgivable.

    A beautiful game, I think it may have been featured in one of Wildgoose's posts a little while ago.

    Great game. It's pretty easy but it makes up for that with a great story and music.

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