LunchTimeWaster: The Last Henchman

As Mario, you probably squash roughly 7,000 goombas per hour, but what about the ones you leave behind? What happens to those guys? Are they destined to walk in one single direction for the rest of time?

This is the question that Enemy 585 asks, but it also provides you with a answer - a Lemmings-esque game which lets you rescue the poor bugger from a lifetime of walking from left to right for the rest of eternity.

It's a genius concept, and hilariously executed. It's almost worth clicking just for the opening cut-scene alone. The game itself can get a little bit repetitive and frustrating, but it's such a genius little concept that we had to recommend it to you guys.

Check it out and let us know what you think below.

Enemy 585 [Nitrome]


    It's delightfully whimsical. The opening cutscene alone is worth it.

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