MAG DLC Escalates With 200% XP Bonus

"Escalation", the three-way battle among all the factions of MAG, is available now on the PlayStation Network and comes at a discount for those who bought the previous DLC instalment, "Interdiction" before October 28.

Escalation is $US9.99 to all, but $US7.99 if you picked up Interdiction - again, before October 28. The pack delivers three new maps pitting Raven, SVER and Valor all against each other. It also packs in nine new weapons. If you're a PlayStation Plus member, it's $US7.99 no matter what until December 14.

Sony's incentivising early adoption by laying a 200 per cent XP bonus on every finished match played in either DLC extension between now and November 14 (a Sunday). Any MAG mode played in the same span gets a 100 per cent XP bonus.

Interdiction, by the way, permanently drops to $US4.99 from its original $US9.99 price. There's also a MAG Starter kit for those with heartier appetites; it includes both DLC packs, 30-day trials for the B and C character slots, plus six avatars and three dynamic PS3 themes.

MAG Escalation DLC Arrives Today [PlayStation Blog]


    $12.95 for us Australians, whether you got Interdiction or not.

    Decent game mode, although a lot of running is involved.

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