Mark Wahlberg Will Be Nathan Drake, DeNiro May Play Dad

"Hopefully we'll be making that movie this summer," actor Mark Wahlberg tells MTV, talking about the Uncharted movie he's planning with writer/director David O. Russell. Wahlberg would be Uncharted hero Nathan Drake. "DeNiro would be my father."

Wahlberg told MTV News' Josh Horowitz that Russell's script, as rumoured, is being written with roles for the classic Goodfellas/Raging Bull duo Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. Russell's people have been in touch with "Bob", Wahlberg says, and he's personally talked to Pesci, who would play Nathan Drake's uncle.

"The idea of it is so off the charts," Wahlberg said, failing to say if his pun was intentional.

Nathan Drake's dad and uncle are not characters in the Uncharted games - though the mentor character Sully is who maybe could be an uncle or dad kind of guy. Then again, one doubts Nathan Drake will die 45 times and have to wait for a PlayStation 3 firmware update in his movie. Cinema is not video games.

Mark Wahlberg Confirms Starring Role in 'Uncharted' Movie [MTV Multiplayer]


    I really wanted Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake.
    Look very similar and have very similar personalities.

    Hopefully this wont be butchered

    Wahlberg? Are you kidding? Nathan fillion ffs. >:(

    Marky Mark is not Nathan Drake!

    Did they not see Max Payne!!!


      Max Payne was sooooooo bad.
      I dunno if it was just the movie itself, but Mark sure didnt help...

    Omg, why no nathan fillion?

    I sure hope they're using cgi to map Nathan Fillion's body and voice over the top of Wahlberg.

    I really don't understand this campaign to get Nathan Fillion. Yeah, he looks like Drake and he could probably play the part OK, but it's not like he's the only person who could possibly pull it off. Hell, why not Nolan North? He looks enough like Drake and (strangely enough) even SOUNDS like Drake, not to mention he's already played Drake twice.

    So Nathan Fillion, if you're reading this: F*** off. Nolan North for Drake!


      I think it best we just agree Marky Mark is a horrible choice.

      Can you see Dirk Diggler being witty?


      Watch out there, buddy. Nathan Fillion has a pretty strong following...

    The best Wahlberg can pull of is his regular confused self, no way can i see him capturing the essence of Drake.

    Fillion would be perfect. They better damn well get Emily Rose to play Elana... Seeing as she's actually an actress!

    Worst. News. Evar :\

    Well, at best we can say Marky Mark looks enough like Drake, but he isn't Nathan Fillion, which is a pretty damning argument against him.

      I honestly would have preferred Matthew McOnoughay (not enough time to google the spelling of his name!) I remember being disgusted by those rumours, but this is even worse.

    Hopefully the movie has less "generic ethnics who can take an AK-47 clip to the head" than the game did.

      That's racist.

        wtf? Like hell its racist lol. Stop flying the ignorance banner dude. He's saying he'd like less stereotypes and more creativity. Stop having cliche nondescript baddies with accents and be far more creative in creating the badguys etc.

        Racist? Pfffft. Kneejerk reactionist.

    WOW, this already smells like fail. Nathan Fillion would have been worlds better than Marky Mark in an UNCHARTED movie. And what's with all the other names? Pesci and De Niro? You can't just throw names at a movie like this and expect it to come off. I think the charm of the idea would be held in so much more without the presence of multiple big name actors.

    Yes, Nathan Fillion would have been better, but if you think about it.. it would have been so easy for them to cast Brendan Fraser and call it a day. We dodged a bullet with this one.

    I'm no Marky Mark fan, but I was half expecting this after having heard that David O Russell was going to direct. I can't believe they're already on track to screw up a game that was practically one of those fun dumb hollywood blockbusters anyway.

    i hope the funky bunch are in it too

    They're going to ruin this.

    They'll probably write huge amounts of Daddy Issues into Nate's character and have the whole plot of the game "Nate trying to earn the respect of his Dad" or something.

    I'm sorry. This isn't Gears Of War. Nathan Drake isn't a Daddy-issues-ridden steroidally-overdosed brainless GAAAAAAARgoyle (like Marcus Fenix).

    But no, Hollywood can't resist making action heroes like Duke Nukem sans the parody element. Which is a shame, since in the first Die Hard, Bruce Willis' character WASN'T like Marcus Fenix. He was a resourceful guy that survived via guerilla tactics.

      Correction; "whole plot of the game" should read "whole plot of the film." Thanks.

    I can already imagine...

    Marky walking around the entire movie with an eyebrow frown. I just can't see him cracking jokes and not being so serious like Drake.

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