Mass Effect 2 Gamers Greatly Prefer Playing As Soldier Dudes

I'm a guy, and I seldom play games as anything but a guy. I play Mass Effect as a female character, though, for some reason. Very few of my fellow Mass Effect gamers do. Fewer than one of five.

What to make of this? It's hard to say without knowing the percentage of Mass Effect players who are male and the percentage of gamers who usually gender-bend and play against their real gender.

We can, however combine that official stat with others in this information card sent to Kotaku by the Mass Effect creators at BioWare and see that almost two-thirds of Mass Effect players play as soldiers. That's the character class that specialises in guns, not stealth, not special sci-fi powers... just shootin'.

A lot of you are also fans of Garrus. Do we have nothing in common?


    I played a Soldier dude!
    Mostly because my ME 1 guy was a soldier dude, so I thought it would be familiar territory.
    I gotta say though, after playing as a lady Infiltrator... Soldier is such a boring class. Hardy, sure. Lots of pew-pew, sure. But the biotics and techs are just so much more fun to use in ME 2.

    I play a soldier fem Shep. It really amazes me there aren't way more fem Sheps out there as her voice acting is leagues above that of male Sheps nasally whine.

      Well for me, I think it would feel akward doing the whole relationship thing with a dude.

      I went a male solider myself, I just prefer soldier, I never really enjoyed the biotics and tech, they are a great addition, but only for support from one of your team

        My Sheps a lesbian just as every other female RPG character I play is (DA:O, Fable 3 etc).

        My Sheps a soldier mainly because that feels like what the actually Shepard would be rather then a biotic or tech specialist.

    First character was a male vanguard. Second character was inspired by Jenny Shepard from NCIS :P so she's a soldier, and has a thing for Garrus. He's bad ass. I like how he evolved from the first game.

    I didn't use Garrus at all in ME1, but he came across as a serious badass in the cutscenes in ME2. I guess that's the reason - it worked on me anyway.

    GotY for moi!

    I played a dude, a solider dude, didn't make my own face, I loved Garrus(always have, but he didn't have enough lines. Too much checking of the ships weapons and running diagnostics), I let grunt out of his tank, fully upgraded the Normandy, let no one die and I didn't side with Cerberus.

    So far I've completed 2 playthroughs and am part way through 2 more. 2 are male, 2 female. Each is a different class, haven't tried vanguard or infiltrator yet, but I plan to before ME3 comes out. I've used pretty much all the characters at some point, Garrus is probably in the middle in terms of how often he's used. Favourites are Mordin, Kasumi and Thane.

    So judging from that, I'm a less than average ME2 player... Awesome :)

    All Adept all the time.

    I'm a guy and all of my playthroughs of both games, except for my first ME1 run, have been as a female Shepard!

    It just feels really refreshing and cool to play as a badass female when the opportunity is provided, as most games feel like a bit of a sausage-fest to me. I play as a female in Halo Reach and Fallout NV as well.

    The replies here demonstrate the idea of "silent majority" wonderfully.

      I think it highlights the fact the Kotaku readers are diverse lot who cut across the spectrum of ME2 gamers.

      Peronally. I've played through 2 full and many partial times. I found the Vanguard to be my favoured classes and rarely if ever used Garrus. Oh and only a mild case of gender bending for me.

    I played as a male soldier, and had it been an option... I'd have blown the other half of Garus's face off first chance I got.

      Started my 2nd playthrough with a male shepard, and quickly deleted him. Sad to think that 82% of people have played with the far inferior voice actor...

    "I play Mass Effect as a female character, though, for some reason."

    I play as a female character as well...a female soldier at that. I don't get real interested in using the biotics and such, I just like shooting everything.

    I played a female infiltrator (the snipery one). And Garrus was pretty awesome.

    I've played as a male soldier and female infiltrator; Jennifer Hale's voice acting is great. For some reason female Shepard sounds far more like I'd expect a soldier/leader/negotiator to sound, the male Shepard (for whatever reasons) sounds a bit... goofy.

    Male soldier in ME1 then switched to Vanguard in ME2, damn that shit is fun.

    I played as an infiltrator, a soldier would be boring...
    And Garrus, as well as being cool, is just one of the most effective companions.

    Imported my female soldier from ME1, I can't imagine Shephard being anything other than *my* Shephard.

    Agree too that the voice acting is better for the female.

    Thanks for the SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [deletes horrible horrible Harry Potter spoiler dealt in revenge for having just read another spoiler]

    Female soldier shephard myself, i really can't stand the voice or the basic look of the male shephard. I tended to take Miranda and then vary depending on the mission. In the first, i took Liara and either Garrus or Tali

    Hehehe, I was so relieved when I finished the last mission and nobody died. What does that depend on anyway?

    My first Shepard was male, and a tech specialist. He's pure paragon, even if some of those conversation options make him sound like an idiot.

    My second Shep is a female soldier. She's not either paragon or renegade, she just says whatever feels like the right thing for the situation.
    I find playing as a soldier more difficult and much less like an RPG though.

      Oh, and for ME2 I mostly used Mordin and Grunt because they usually had something amusing to say. Would have liked my female Shepard to romance Garrus but I felt her character would have stayed faithful to Kaidan.

    man with a biotic rifle in his brain.

    Garrus is great, sure, BUT LEGION WAS(he died in my end game) FUCKING AWESOME!!! im gonna have to buy the game again cause i traded it in and finish again so i have legion ready for mass effect 3.

    call me legion. because we are many.

    I have...

    1) Male Sentinel
    2) Female Vanguard (who's banging Garrus)
    3) Male Infiltrator

    And Garrus is awesome. As is Kaidan. And Samara in ME2. And I like Liara too. Jacob and Miranda have their pros too (I think that Cerberus must have made it a requirement for recruitment that "all Cerberus operatives must have asses that look fantastic in skin-tight uniforms").

    I played as 'a soldier dude'. Here's why:

    When i first installed ME1, I wanted to see how well it ran. So I just quickly started the game, skipping any of the 'character creation' options and choosing defaults. My intended 5 min foray to see what framerate I'd get etc turned into a 2 hour initial stint as the game quickly sucked me in. Ofcourse I kept playing with the Shepard I was familiar with, and imported that character/ save to ME2....

    I picked soldier for 1 simple reason, your squadmates are useless at shooting people, so that means i do it and then they can specialise in tech and or biotic to have a well rounded squad

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