Medics Aren't As Smoky (Or Hairy) As The Men With The Guns


    I'd greatly respect the developer that included a spattering of 'big' people in their title. Shame that everyone has to be either ruggedly good looking, or front of Cleo hot.

    This is a classic example. Hot chick in a war zone, a bit stereotypical to say it wouldn't happen, but can't help but think it's a little unrealistic.

      So is space marines fighting mutant insectoids and physic aliens.

        I lol'ed

          Remind me to ask our returned boys from Iraq how the zerg rushes were handled ;)

    I also had a lol.

    Well, I think that looks great!

    This chicks got nothing on Kerrigan. Kerrigan is the bomb.

      But Nova set us up the Nuclear Launch!

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