Meet The iPhone's Answer To Gran Turismo 5

With all of the much-deserved hoopla surrounding the release of Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3, Firemint thought today might be a good day to show off Real Racing 2.

The follow-up to their iPhone racing game includes licensed cars, a minimap and a heads up display that can be switched off.

This video is a preview build of the still-in-development game running on an iPhone 4. In it we see the Nissan GT-R (R35) running a track. The final game will include a ten-hour career mode, in-game currency and the ability to customise your cars.

Firemint says they're shooting for a pre-Christmas release and that the game will support all the way down to an iPhone 2G and iPod Touch, though it will run best on the 4s.


    Racing games on phones that require tilt controls annoy me. While it's supposed to emulate the turning of a steering wheel, driving a real car doesn't tilt the track when you turn the wheel. It's disorienting as hell when you're turning a sharp corner and suddenly the game world is completely vertical until you get back on a straight.

    Include touchscreen controls which includes gas/brake and turning.

      I haven't played this, or even Real Racing 1, but it certainly looks like it's keeping the horizon straight when the device is tilted.

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