Microsoft Shifts 3 Million Kinect Units

In less than four weeks Microsoft has sold through 3 Million Kinect Units. Make no mistake, these are incredible numbers.

As a little perspective, it's worth noting that both Sony and Microsoft were shipping about 10 million of units of their respective consoles per year. Microsoft are expecting to sell 5 million units by the end of the year, which will mean that Kinect could possibly sell half that annual amount in roughly 10 weeks.

Another comparison. During this year's Black Weekend in the US, the Nintendo Wii sold 600,000 units, a number which Nintendo are extremely proud of, considering the fact that it's an increase on last year's number. Kinect sold over 1 million units during the same period.

At this stage there's very little doubt that the Kinect has been an incredible success for Microsoft, whether that's a result of its exorbitant marketing budget, or the sheer stickiness of the Kinect message amongst casual gamers, time will tell - but at the moment it's shifting an incredible amount of units. And if Kinect gets the same kind of word-of-mouth marketing buzz that the Wii initially received, we could be looking at the next big thing in gaming.

“We are extremely excited to see how consumers have responded to Kinect in Australia and around the world. It is truly revolutionary entertainment that creates a magical experience for the whole family,“ said David McLean, General Manager of Xbox, Microsoft Australia and New Zealand.

“Kinect will be one of the biggest gifts for Christmas this year, and is to date one of the most significant consumer electronic product launches in history. We’re currently on track to reach our forecast of 5 million units sold to consumers by the end of the year.”

How about you guys? Are you buying into Kinect? What have your non gaming family and friends been saying about Kinect? I had my mum ask about it over the phone last week, which is a telling sign...


    The real question is: when will they be making good games for it (rather than just minigame collections)?

      The thing is Kinect isn't targeted at most, if not all, the people on this website. We'll be waiting a while before we see non "party" games. Heck, even the Wii after years of being out is flooded with party/mini games which is how it got it's success from. I expect Kinect to be the same.

    The Kinect fails in considering how some gamers do not have the space to use it properly. I live in a university dorm room and I can't possibly use it.

      I'm sure microsoft sat down and specifically designed it just to screw you over. You, specifically.

      Or, you know, the simple fact that you need to be able to fit a person in the frame of the camera for it to work determines its usability.

      It's like blaming Holden for you not being able to drive your Commodore up walls. "What do you mean, 'cars can't defy gravity'? Poor excuse! Shame on your Holden!"

        Did the Kinect save your village from a fire or something? Seriously, what’s with the rabid fanboyism?

          It's not just Kinect, reading his past comments too, Mr. Waffle seems to dislike irrational and selfish criticism.

          And I tend to agree. If it doesn't work for you, that's too bad (I haven't rushed out and bought it) but they're selling more than 100,000 units a day so obviously it's working for most people.

            What do you mean by “selfish” criticism? Isn’t all criticism is selfish because it’s our own opinion. Are you saying he should love the Kinect because it works fine in other people’s living rooms? Why is anyone else’s experience with the Kinect other that your own worth considering?

            Considering that this thing has been marketed as the ultimate in non-offensive family friendly entertainment to be played in a massive living room, I’m guessing Microsoft don’t really care that uni students don’t buy it.

              I am quite sure that Uni students are not anywhere NEAR their intended demographic. I mean, it's being sold as a family fun device.

              No, that's not what I was saying - I was (clearly, I thought) referencing other his comments in general, so don't be ridiculous. You can hold an opinion without it being selfish, as soon as you neglect to take into account other opinions it's selfish.

              Sure, Kinect could only benefit by having a smaller range but obviously it's just not feasible or it would have happened. However, to say it fails as a result is ignoring the wider scope of things.

        umm... Little harsh I think

        I dont think they need to or should be worrying about uni dorm rooms (sorry Domino) but they should have thought about Coffee tables.

        That IS something their target audience is going to have and needing to move that every time to play kinect will be a pain in the arse.

      I'd wish I had a huge ass living room too :\

      Last Dorm I stayed in had a central lounge, or rumpas room.

        I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my games and Kinect/Xbox in a common area with other uni students. I’ll be amazed if it isn’t stolen by lunchtime.

    It'd be cool to set up an interactive installation with this cheap tech. As soon as the price dips I'm definitely going to grab the camera at least.

    As soon as some good, well crafted games are released for it that I want to play then sure I will buy it. But for now, I don't feel like dancing or fitness games

    Such potential, wasted on crappy minigame collections and dance sims. I’ll buy the Kinect when it’s worth buying.

      My concern is that if these sales continue, the demographic shift in the 360 userbase could lead to crappy minigame collections, dance sims and fitness programs becoming the norm at the expense of core games, as we've seen happen on the Wii.

      Great for the bottom line at Microsoft and software publishers, not so great for the kind of people who read sites like this one.

        I’m guessing that 75% of the sales now can be attributed to gamers buying Kinect with the hope that the games will get better later. I don’t really blame Microsoft for being a carbon copy of Nintendo at launch. I don’t like it, but I understand that the Kinect has to be exactly the same as the Wii at launch.

        Mature and more complex games are a gray area in motion gaming. You may recall that just about every mature game on the Wii has been met with abysmal sales. So it’s understandable that both Move and Kinect have a ludicrously Wii-like lineup at launch.

        Close, but not quite. Never happened on the wii, as it didnt start out with core games. It was crappy minigames right from the beginning.

        But the xbox 360 is NOT a casual console. You could argue that the Wii was casual from the start so the user base as a result would never really be hardcore. The 360 however had some 20ish million XBL users and none of these have had kinect until this month. They would be stupid to completely neglect that user base, as they will just lose it to Sony. They would be better off continuing to service that awesome segment of the market (us) as they have been doing WELL, along with expand the user base to casual. There is little overlap and little canabilism of their own existing market.

        It is an expansion rather than a shift toward casual.

        And Kinect is OPTIONAL.

    I bought one, mainly to hack and use on the PC, but also because it gave me an excuse to get kinectimals for my daughter for Christmas.

    I have only played the bundled title so far, and it gets old pretty fast.

    If these are actual sell-through numbers and exclude give-aways (and aren't just numbers shipped to stores) then I am truly astounded.

    I'd like to see the numbers for the kinect/360 console bundles.

    Kinect will be the next Wii in terms of big sales from the casual crowd jumping on board the next big thing.
    But also like the Wii, will only have a handful of good games and a truck load of crap.

      What is that based on.

      I am not saying that you are wrong, but what about the line up of games that Microsoft has delivered to date and the huge investment has suggested that they will not deliver a wide variety of gaming experiences.

      I would argue that Nintendo and M$ are very differnt companies so would not rely upon 2006 business plans for Nintendo to reflect 2010 plans for M$.

      Just sayin'

        I eat planets for lunch. How dare you question my videogame crystal ball gazing abilities.

        Mark my words, Kinect will be the Wii HD. Companies will notice how many devices are flying out the doors and will want a piece of the action, pumping out anything and everything IMAGINEable.

        'Excuse me, i'm looking for a copy of Gears of War 3?'

        'Sorry sir, we are unable to stock that title as we need the shelf space for virtual pet games and mini game craziness. Maybe i can interest you in the new release, Babysitting zoo pet family fun party ?'

          No way!!! OMG OMG OMG

          Are you telling me that Babysitting zoo pet family fun party is out already! I can't wait to get that one... going to get it this afternoon.

          You made me laugh so i woud like to be your friend.

          You know as much as I do and yeah, there is a good change that with 3m+ units sold, it will be full of rubbish. I have always said that I wanted it for the technology rathern then the games and had wifey permission/cash to spare.

          I am however hopefull that the PC hacking/modding movement will inspire some game devs to incorporate something into this.

          But there is no way i'll get rid of my controllers so it really does not matter to me. And if games like black ops can turn over more money that Avatar movie in day 1, then i don't see Babysitting zoo pet family fun party taking that shelf space any time soon!

            I think you're on the ball there Shady.

            I don't think Microsoft are going to forget how they got to this point overnight. Yes, casual gaming is big. But the Xbox brand has been a strong competitor in core gaming for a long time now and I don't see how that's going to change.

            We have seen in this generation of consoles that console exclusives are becoming a thing of the past. it's not finacially viable option to recoup your exspenses for developing a big game on one system.

            So I think with more Kinect systems in homes there's a better chance that a devloper could go for something closer to 'core' gaming on the system.

            Considering that the Kinect is new tech, largely untested and uncharted territory, I think it's a bonus Microsoft have at least taken the chance and financial risk at something truly different. Yes, it's Microsoft answer to the casual market, but it's also a step forward in gaming innovation.

            If this potential goes untapped is yet to be seen. But I will stay optimisitc given the things people are doing with the Kinect with the hacked drivers. Microsoft should be paying attention to these people, like they did when the tech for Kinect first came their way in the first place.

    i love my kinect.. I got 2 fitness games and dance central. Love it completely!

    Considering the marketing placed behind it, I'd expect it to NEED to sell a lot before it can make a profit.

    Either way, I'd have to say early sales after huge marketing isn't a long term indictator. If they can get the money from all the research and development, then from the marketing (the later costing far more) while still making a profit... Then I'd be impressed. And of course to really obtain a good profit the software itself needs to keep selling.

    The entry level for this product in itself is extremely high. Most of the three million would have been existing 360 owners which is my guess.

      "The entry level for this product in itself is extremely high"

      Kinect RRP $199 includes one game

      New release game RRP $99-119

      I think entry levels are very reasonable when put in perspective.

    It was on Oprah... Oprah could sell actual "shit" to middle America...

    Whilst they are great numbers, it will be interesting to see if the numbers continue though. There will be a month when the numbers crash back to realism and we can see properly how well it will continue to sell.

    ummm... where you guys getting 3 mill from? microsoft themselves are reporting 2.5 million... thats a big difference... :P

    To be fair, Microsoft has been been marketing the Kinect so hard, they're blowing spin from every orifice.
    The campaign has been almost as pervasive as the 360's own, and then it was competing with the Wii and PS3.
    To think all that marketing moolah wouldn't have an impact is a little naive.

    hmm i havent got enough room for Kinect, my brother bought it so i just share his.. im pretty happy with it had my mates over to try it out yesterday, sure its novelty stuff like Wii and the tech is kinda old (eye toy) but its good fun, i think give it another 6 months and we will be seeing a very solid line up of games due to its early success.. well advertised and good job Ms haha it just proves theres a huge market for casual gamers after all :P

    why do ppl claim that sony came up with the original concept first ' the eyetoy '. the eyetoy is just a webcam peripheral. sony did not invent the webcam nor did they improve it.

    only reason im even interested in it is the hacks

    much like move the product has launched without any decent launch title's

    still is that sold or sold+given away

    thank the hacking community for a large percentage of those sales!

    Loving Kinect. Kinect sports is awesome!!! I have found myself playing 4 hours at a time and getting an awesome workout while play. It deserves all the sales. I am sure great games will follow. Forza 5 anyone?

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