Minecraft Hardcore Mode Is 'Hardcore'

By all standards Minecraft is already pretty hardcore. But now Minecraft creator Markus Persson is in the midst of cranking it up a 'notch' (see what we did there?) by adding a new 'hardcore' mode to the game, a mode in which death results in your world being reset.

We have yet to succumb to the Minecraft phenomenon, but this mode strikes us as the workings of a man who enjoys scratching his own retinas with a toothpick, or ripping out his own nosehair with tweezers. What sadomasochistic fool would derive pleasure from seeing their hard earned universe crushed as a result of an innocent mistake within the game world?

What do you guys think – do you enjoy mental anguish? Is this a good idea? Bad idea?

Hardcore Mode Coming To Minecraft, The World Ends When You Die [Joystiq]


    Saw this on his blag. I lol'd.

    To be honest? I'ma gonna do, and i will continue in the future.

      I just the whole of minecraft.

    This is great news for someone like me who regularly falls into lava by accident!

    I think death in Minecraft is fine as it is. There's enough of a "restart" that often leads you to brand new lands but with the chance that you might rediscover your old base. Nothing like playing on the same world for three months only to stumble across one of your old towers.

      I've never had trouble finding my old places... but I guess I do post a lot of signs and torches around as I go etc.

    Doing a Nuzlocke run on Pokemon was bad enough (Catch only the first pokemon in a new area, if one faints, release it) Something like this would kill me!

    a permadeath mode?

    methinks thou is unnaturally interested in that corpse yonder...

    Now all notch needs to do is embed NetHack multi-leveled dungeon generation into the code, and it will be the best game ever made.

      Seconded. I'd laugh so hard if I ran into an emu in a dungeon though.

    I've been looking forward to it. Personally I find that first night or two the most fun. Once I've got a lit up fortress I pretty much just want to start again :P

      I play like that too. I don't seek to make giagantic and elaborate mining systems, I think I'll save that for the multiplayer survival.


    No seriously, if they included a gravestone where you died like in NetHack, that would be hilarious.

      how can they leave a gravestone if the world is reset?

    Heck yeah! Permadeath was one of the main things that made Nethack so fun. Besides, it's a completely separate game mode; there'll still be modes for those people who want to build their giant stone dongs in peace.

    Oh god I can't wait :D, This is really going to make me think twice about adventuring out at night just to collect simple items.

    As long as everybodies needs are represented, right people? You know, keeping the options open so people that have certain preferences of gameplay get to do what they want? Not begrudging others options YOU dont like when you dont have to choose them?

    For example, I dont mind if Notch has a big huge floresent "NO CREEPERS" button on his next release, as long as a tiny little one is left for me that say "allow creepers" and so forth. Meh, whatever.

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