Minecraft... On The iPhone?

Until it was removed from the App Store yesterday you could, for a short while, get what was basically Minecraft for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Only difference was this game was called Minecrafted.

Despite proclamations that Minecrafted was "built without code or content from the original", it looked like Minecraft, played like Minecraft and by all accounts essentially was Minecraft, only without credit or approval from the indie smash hit's creator.

Minecrafted let you play the "free" mode of Minecraft, which lets you wander around an island building stuff. If anyone of you were quick enough to grab it, how did it stack up against the original?

Minecraft iPhone app unveiled then pulled: mine-shafted! [Electricpig, via Gizmodo]


    Bummer, missed it. Would have been interesting to see what it would have been like on an iphone... wonder if they'll release an iphone version of the actual minecraft

      It might go back up. Basically the guy who made the app was pretty dumb when it came to submitting the app and did so before he asked Notch for permission. So when Apple approved it and put it on the App Store right away, he asked them to take it down because he still hadn't asked. If he gets his act together and gets permission, it'll likely be back in the store.

    i remember i said something about having minecraft on the iphone would be great and some nerdlinger shot me down saying it was impossible, im now content.

    Not cool.
    I hope nobody got any money for this.

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