Minecraft The Live-Action Role-Playing Game

Any video game deserves an equally epic live-action counterpart. That's why Gary Bigham, pro-LARPer, turned to Minecraft.

"So, woke up with dookie on my face. It's just one of those mornings when you know it's not going to be a good day." I know the feeling Gary, all too well.

This might be the most glorious live-action representation of Notch's game ever created. All of the elements are in place: cows, diamonds, crafting... it's all there. My only complaint is that the graphics are a bit too high resolution. Maybe if he took off the glasses.

Minecraft LARP (Gary Bigham; Pro-LARPer) [YouTube via Joystiq]


    There is dying alone, then there is this guy :o

    Cool video, but I feel like I am watching a carcrash and just cant look away. I honestly hope that isnt his real voice

    But the Creeper didn't blow up. :[

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