Minecraft's Latest Megaobject: The Earth

Object building, especially megaobject building, is a side pursuit in Minecraft's classic creative mode that's gotten so much attention that folks who haven't played the game don't know of its survivalist objectives. The latest doozy: Earth.

YouTube user roddds469 built this by using a NASA terrain height map. It's a smaller-scale, 1,000-by-500 block test before he moves on to larger size. The terrain colour and the Earth's weather are likely incorrect, as this was meant only to see if he could properly import the height map.

It has a ways to go before this can be properly called a scale replica. But for those who find themselves poring over maps for no apparent reason, it's a great Sunday afternoon diversion.

Scale Replica Of The Earth In Minecraft [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    I've been laying this game off for far too long... Anyone know if it works for Windows 7 x64 bit?

      It's java mate - It'll [technically] work on anything that has those capabilities

        Whoops.. Never knew that. Alrighty! Must try this when I get home from work.

      Works fine for me on my Win7 64bit.

      Works on my 64bit win7 work and home computers as well.


    Just seemed odd to me. The height maps seemed way off and this was clearly not "built" but rather imported. Meh.. Would much rather see ones that people have actually spent the time to build themselves.

    SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING. I lolled so hard.

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