Mission Accomplished

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi can afford a smile; after six years of development and more than a few jokes at his expense, GT5 is finally on sale.

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    Now all we need to do is wait for Gran Turismo 6, which will take a decade to develop, numerous delays amd the same cars all over again with a few game engine tweaks.

      and I'll be there following it all the way through those problems and despite all that!

      Day 1 confirmed! :D

        you know it :)


        Someone has a listing for it already? Who?

        I would have pre-ordered if I could find someone to take my money, but can't at the moment...

        Maybe I should just send Sony $10 now with a note attached, "Pre-order Money for GT6"


    Woah when did they announce a new gran turismo!? D:

    Misson Acomplished.......Sounds a bit like George Bush's statement after he invaded Iraq, the job was not complete and so much promised and most of it no delivered.....Very similar to GT5. You would think after 6 years they would get it right, enough time to get it perfect you would think. And once again so many new features promised and again not delivered. Standard cars and tracks cut and pasted from the last GT looking like cardboard cutouts, it's not standard it's lazy development. Once again lame pathetic AI, no damage till level 10, WTF even then it's like what damage!! The list goes on seriously the game should of been delayed again.
    What makes it worse is you read all the reviews most reviews are pulling out more negative issues about the game than positive and then score it a 8 or a 9. IGN had 2 and a half pages of negatives and 2 paragraphs on what is great about the game and gave it 8.5. Then say as a sim it's a 10/10 but as a game it a 5/10....why not score it a 5 then cause reading the review it seems to be a 5 to 6. This is where scoring games today is a total crock. You have to wonder is it only getting high scores because it GT if it was named another game would the high scores still happen with all these horrible GT5 issues. Taking my copy back to EB

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