Modern Warfare 2 Shot To Pieces, Then Set On Fire

This video begins slowly, tricking you into thinking it's the inconsequential ramblings of a fanboy, but as soon as you hear a Russian man drawl "I'm going to shoot it with a few guns", things get interesting.

True to his word, the lad (who dearly loves his firearms) lays down a PC copy of Activision's Modern Warfare 2, shreds it by shooting handguns and shotguns at the thing then sets it all on fire. It's terribly cathartic.

Slightly understandable, too, considering the way his countrymen were portrayed in the game.

[via VG247]


    ....and as always, have nice day. touched me.

    He's not actually russian FYI. He puts on the voice for CoD commentaries.

      seems to be a viral marketing stunt then

    I don't think that he lives in Russia - more likely in the US

    FPS Kyle FTW

    Finally, someone who agrees with me. :D

    Sounds like one of the russians out of the english dub of STALKER...

    And while I can't claim to really know anything about guns, were they real? Didn't seem to be much actual damage being done to the game.

      Yep. Check out his other videos - he regularly goes to a shooting range to shoot various stuff, like Justin Bieber posters or pumpkins.

    CCCP Shirt
    I wonder if his main media player software is MPC...

    Oops. The disk inside was "Medal Of Honor" :-/

    dude ill give you my copy of MW2 i hate it i want to set it on fire and i cant sell it cause its connected to steam

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