More Than Two Million Felt The Need For Speed Demo

More Than Two Million Felt The Need For Speed Demo

A new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit title is bound to get some attention, but more than two million downloads of the demo in two weeks? That’s a huge number, and EA has more where that came from.

Two million demo downloads in two weeks is quite impressive indeed, and I was right there with the rest of the eager early drivers, enjoying the sweet combination of developer Criterion Games’ Burnout experience married with EA’s oldest racing franchise.

Over the course of the past two weeks the demo generated more than 700,000 posts to the Speed Wall, part of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’s integrated social networking experience. Friends played more than five million Autolog recommended matches online, covering 54 million miles of road.

It was a record two weeks for the police as well, with more than 20 million busts made. Sounds like they all hail from Roswell, Georgia.

With less than a week until the game’s November 16 launch, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is already the highest rated game in franchise history.

So who’s up for a little racing next week?


  • Downloaded it, hoping for a quick fix while GT5 release dates were (supposedly going to be) thought up… but it doesn’t quite give the same hit 🙁

  • Already pre-ordered. I was a huge Burnout fan back on the PS2, and while I enjoyed Burnout Paradise, the whole open world thing didn’t really do it for me. But the demo of NFS was absolutely sensational fun, and seems to have reigned in their open-world ambitions from Paradise, meaning you don’t ruin your entire race by taking a wrong turn and ending up travelling in the wrong direction.

    Seems odd to me that they’ve shut the demo down, though. A demo is basically an advertisement for the game. Why would you pull the advertisement a week before launch?

  • Cool demo, until it was “no longer available” on my xbox last night 🙁 That pisses me off.. if I use my bandwidth to download a game demo, I don’t expect it to be removed from my console without my permission.

    • I don’t know if they did something different with the 360 version compared to the PS3 version, but the PS3 version wasn’t removed from my console without permission. You just couldn’t play it anymore. I.e. you’d start the demo and after it loaded up instead of displaying the menu it’d display a message saying the demo was no longer available, and give you a trailer instead. I had to explicitly remove the demo from the console, which I did since there didn’t seem to be much point keeping it on there if I couldn’t play it anymore.

  • Yeah same I was stoked when i heard this was coming out but the best moments of Hot pursuit back in the day was playing split screen with my bro and friends….if they patch it in maybe ill get it then

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