Movie Debuts On PS3 Same Day It Hits Cinemas

Mubi, the new film service for the PS3 that we're quite big fans of, ran an interesting test over the weekend: showing a movie the same day it was out in cinemas.

Granted, it wasn't a Hollywood blockbuster. It wasn't even an English-language film, which shouldn't be too surprising given Mubi's slant towards foreign cinema. It was Mexican film Revolución, a collaborative project that featured film-makers like Gael García Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries).

Did anyone see it? It's a concept we'd love to see catch on, especially for films like this that many couldn't see in a cinema if they wanted to.


    Yep, only noticed Mubi was available by accident. Watched Revolución with my partner. It was great, as in, great cinematography. Some of the stories were good up to a point with lame or obvious punch-lines at the end. That one story with the out of control party was a bit freaky. If we can convince internode to have mubi stream unmetered I'd be very very happy (unless it is already).

    I d/l'd it but it is not available in any menu to install so I have no idea what is happening.

    I would love for this to catch on! I don't really like going to the cinemas but if movies were released on mubi the same time as cinema I would definitely prefer to watch them on Mubi.

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