My Cat's Impressions Of Kinectimals

My cat has co-starred in a number of stories I've posted about Microsoft's Kinect in the past couple of weeks, mostly by accident. She likes prowling through our house, making cameo appearances in videos I shoot. Not with Kinectimals, though.

She is fascinated with Microsoft's virtual cat game, which I discovered while I was reviewing the game a couple of weeks ago. Here's some video I shot back then, the first meeting between my real cat and my virtual cat. Unfortunately I didn't make the shot wide enough, so you can't see me when I'm controlling the game. Just imagine me off-camera waving my hands in the air to pet the virtual cat.

Yes, this is a video of me talking to my cat. Yes, this is a video for cat people. And, yes, I know my cat is fat. So?


    LOL! I've got a (old) fat cat too! This would probably kill him!

    Very cute.

    How are you finding the game though, it is on my daughter's very much want list for Christmas, but I get the feeling she will be bored with it in a few days or that the lack of any actual tactile feedback will make it feel empty and I'd be better off waiting to pick it up second hand in a few months. Or am I wrong and it is actually compelling?

      Most stuff I've read have suggested it's actually the deepest of the launch titles, because there's a ton of minigames and things to go out and find in the game world.

        Good to know, I just wish it was available with the Kinect itself, as it is too expensive for me to buy the Kinect with the game I don't want, and then add the cost of Kinectimals.

        I think I'll wait for post Christmas sales or until people get bored and sell it second hand. Looks like it will be for her birthday instead of Christmas.

    My poor cat doesn't understand about television. And I don't mean in a cute "thinks the lions are real" way. She just doesn't acknowledge the television's existence.

    Sometimes she investigates the TV reflection on the glass doors behind the couch, but is sadly disappointed when there really aren't any flashing, colourful lights on the other side.

    My cats don't even know television exists, but my girlfriend's cat, Teddy will watch TV, or even the video on the iPhone.

    He seems to particularly love watching dogs running around, like on funniest home video shows. or, film him playing and then play it back to him to get him a bit confused.

    She actually leaves the telly on some days so he has something to do. Now that's worrying.

    lol, cats always look funny

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