NBA Jam Tries Not To Rub It In Too Much, Wii Owners

"Look Wii, it's not you, it's just, it's me. I need to see other people. I need to see them in high definition, I need to see them online... But I'll always remember the good times..."

So that's why my Wii's sulking on the couch, digging into a pint of Edy's Double Fudge Brownie. NBA Jam on the Xbox 360 and PS3 is out today. This launch trailer covers just about everything in the game, which is a ton more than what the Wii version got when it released six weeks ago.


    Ironic that Wii is considered the casual console in this case.

    Except we have to wait another week...
    What else is due for release on the same day??
    Oh, that's right. GT5.

    Holy shit, they caved in to "WTF? I'm not buying NBA Elite 11 to get this over PSN/XBL!" pressure!


      Nah, it was more "NBA Elite 11 is so bug-filled we're going to have to keep it back for months, but we want to make some cash in the meantime..."

        you haven't heard? Elite is cancelled, dead, finished, not ever being released ever. (Elite 11 that is)

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