New Batman Comic Influenced By Batman Video Game

Comics god Grant Morrison's latest work is Batman Inc, a future-corporate re-imagining of Gotham's Dark Knight. One of his key inspirations for the series? Last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum video game.

While Morrison's respect for the medium - and even its role in getting Batman Inc off the ground - are well known, it's still a little strange hearing that a new Batman comic is being inspired by a Batman video game that was itself inspired by a Batman comic. One written by Morrison, no less.

"One of the things I wanted to do was capture the feeling of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game that came out in 2009", he tells Wired. "When I played that game, it was the first time in my life where I actually felt what it is like to be Batman. It was very involving. The way the game and Paul Dini's story was created, crafted and shot made you actually feel like Batman."

Morrison says that's the great thing about games: unlike movies, where we're watching somebody else be Batman, if a game does its job you can not only be Batman, but craft his story along the way with your actions.

It's a theme that carries through to Batman Inc, as Morrison says a key concept of the comic is the fact that "we are now the heroes, and we can look through their eyes."

Pop will eat itself? More like Batman will eat himself.

Grant Morrison's Batman, Inc. Births Comics' First Zen Billionaire [Wired]


    I can't wait for the game based on the comic based on a game based on a comic!

    Hmm gotta say, this feels more like an excuse for a story. Inc. itself is really removed from Arkham Asylum. Morrison is really only referring to the core structure of his new series, and even that seems almost like a nod, just a 'thanks' or a shoutout as such, just like Rocksteady's game used the same name as his 'A Serious House on Serious Earth' graphic novel, but really didn't incorporate anything from it.

    Inc. revolved around Batman RETURNING TO THE PRESENT TIME AFTER BEING SHOT BACK THERE BY DARKSEID'S OMEGA SANCTION, then we he gets back he TRAVELS THE WORLD RECRUITING NEW BATMAN, franchising it as the title suggests. The caps aren't meant to be angry or anything, please don't read it that way - I'm just pointing out that any similarities between the two are INCREDIBLY minute compared to the ENORMOUS differences, and that at the end of the day, Morrison's work really isn't inspired by the game at all.

      You must have failed to read the above article because in no way does Morrison state that the plot was directly inspired by Arkham Asylum. What Morrison is saying is that the experience of actually being able to be Batman is what inspired him to write a story where Bruce Wayne himself gives his oppotunity literally to other people.

      If you had any idea of Morrison's work you would understand they are always thematically heavy, with the plot itself often suffering under the idea. Such as the case with his new work.

      So sorry, you are wrong. Hes not talking about the plot being the inspiration, its the medium. There's an obvious connection between the game and the comic in that it inspired Morrison to play with the 'What if I could be Batman too' idea within the DC universe. It's very cleaver, although, that is to be expected.

        Although lets face it, we all wish he would have another Animal Man or Doom Patrol run anyway.

          Personally I've always thought Morrison was a total hack anyway, and is one of the most overrated writers in the medium. At least people are starting to realise that Loeb is terrible, but Morrison? Still gets a free pass.

          I was not trying to insinuate that Morrison was taking plot cues from Arkham, merely that the plot between the two is so mindbendingly different that any minute influences Morrison took from Dini/Rocksteady's work will be completely lost at the end of the day.

          I mean, what he IS taking has been done a billion times before anyway - essentially you're saying that Morrison wants to replicate the experience of being Batman. Nothing new here, lets all move along to Marvel and wait for the Johns/Morrison DC cold winter to come to an end.

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