New Driver, Ghost Recon Games Delayed

Two big sequels will be out later than expected in 2011. Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Driver: San Francisco, both showcased this past E3, now won't be out until between March 2011 and April 2012, according to an update from publisher Ubisoft.



    Wanted Driver, was keeping an eye on Ghost Recon, but I'm happy these and a couple of other games (like MGS Rising) have been pushed back a bit - for a while, it was looking like I'd have to fork out a lot of money for games in the next 12 months.

    Aww. I was looking forward to new Ghost Recon. Hopefully this means they have time to make it even better.

    Meh, I'm still not buying Ubi games until their stupid DRM is gone.

    I think this is the second delay for Driver... hopefully they are using it to remove the stupid "dream" gameplay element where you can just pull and Agent Smith and hijack a car out of the game.

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