New Tron Legacy Trailer Gives Us A Clu

Can you forgive the shallow uncanny valley of a computer generated Jeff Bridges? If so, the new Tron Legacy trailer might be the best video game movie trailer you see today.

The third Tron Legacy trailer provides a little more insight into the plot of the December due movie, particularly into the motivations of Kevin Flynn's alter ego Clu in The Grid. "Out there is a new world!" Clu is heard shouting in the newly released trailer, "Out there... is our destiny."

For a run down of the 20-plus minutes worth of Tron Legacy we previewed last month, read our 3D eyes-on impressions.

Tron Legacy [Apple]


    Why does this make me feel like a Halo fanboy? Oh yeah...

    I need to get another copy of the original, my VCR version is officially too dead to watch or to copy over to DVD.

    Is the prequel game Tron Legacy worth getting? Comes out on 25 Nov.

    The Clu is friggin flawless. Not a hint of 'uncanny valley' here.

    Must see Xmas 2010 movie.

    While I am still mega excited about this, I'm not seeing the magic. I mean the Disney magic, the feeling of going on an adventure, with strange new worlds to explore.

    It was there for me in the first cinematic trailer, but these ones just kinda remind me of the Matrix more than anything.

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