New Xbox 360 Bundle Includes Forza 3, Alan Wake

Microsoft yesterday revealed a new Xbox 360 bundle for the Christmas season, one which packs a 250GB console in with two games.

It's the same one as we've already shown you for the Canadian and European markets; namely, one that also packs in a boxed copy of Forza 3 and a token for a downloadable copy of the full version of Alan Wake.

There's no firm launch date for the bundle, as it'll be rolling out to retailers throughout November, but when you do see one, it'll cost $US300.


    Why not have the full game on a disc rather than having to download it? At least that way gamers could sell them on if they dont like the title. And Im sure there will be a few of them. Not to say that Alan Wake is a bad game - but its not a title for everyone.

      Probably so people can't sell it, or use it to cut the price of the bundle (as that's what usually happens with pack in games)

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