Nintendo Boss Might Be A Bigger Gamer Than You

Many people love Nintendo DS role-playing game Dragon Quest IX, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is, well, obsessed? This is his DS, which he showed me today. I snapped two pics.

I told him he probably passed this DS around and had other people beef up his stats. Nope. He swears this is all him.

When will he retire from DQIX? Probably when role-playing game Golden Sun comes out for the DS later this month.


    Cool. You'd hope people high up in gaming companies would be themselves gamers

      If it wasn't for the almost 4000 battles, I'd think he just left it on a few nights to build the timer up. 40 quests and 25 grottoes? What's he doing with his time?

      I don't play a lot anymore, and I've never sat there grinding slimes for XP, but my game has 192 hours, almost 3500 battle victories, 108 quests, 70 grottoes, 85% defeated monsters, 34% wardrobe, 71% item list, and 10% alchenomicon. Other than the number of alchemy combines and number of accolades, I've done a lot more than he has in about the same time.

    If this was Bobby Kotick's PR stunt, he'd just walk down the aisle at Activision.

    "Anyone with 201+ hours on their Call of Duty accounts? Yes? Gimme your Xbox. What? No? You're fired! Next!"

    Thats not that amazing, I did over 200 hrs and I could do more, theres just so much to DQIX.

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