Nintendo NOT Attending CES, World Back To Normal

We reported that Nintendo were planning to attend CES, but apparently it was all shenanigans and, hilariously, the misunderstanding was the result of a bloody typo.

The Consumer Electronics Association broke the news to PC World that the report initially had Nintendo down as an attendee, but that was a mistake. Nintendo will not have any representatives on the show floor at CES.

To be honest, we were a bit surprised when we heard that Nintendo were planning to attend, considering they hadn't been there in 16 years, but at the same time it made sense. Nintendo's main competitors now arguably exist in the tech space, especially with regards to handhelds, and with the 3DS coming early next year you'd think they'd want to push the tech angle of the device. We're sure that 3D handsets will be present at CES this year, so that would be another reason for pushing the 3DS at CES.

But sadly, it's not to be. Nintendo, as per usual, seem to be marching to the beat of their own drum.

Nintendo will not have a booth at CES this year [Joystiq]


    Nintendo; Like your one oddball family member who you hardly see but then show up with awesome gifts.

    Fortunately Bintendo, the company who manufactures and distributes Japan's high-tech trash disposal service is still attending.

      Sir, you have my vote for comment of the week...

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