Nintendo Wii Sells Over 2 Million Units in Australia

The Nintendo Wii has just hit 2 million units, and has done so in less time than the the Nintendo DS, making it the fastest console in Australian history to hit that figure.

Whereas the Nintendo DS took 52 months to hit 2 million units sold, the Nintendo Wii took five months less – hitting the same target in 47 months.

It's a fresh piece of good news for Nintendo, who are currently on a downward trend when it comes to sales – understandable since they've sold such a huge amount of consoles to begin with.

The DS is currently sitting pretty at over 2.5 million units sold, and the PS2 managed to put up similar numbers. Time will tell if the Nintendo Wii will manage to hit the same lofty heights.

Thanks to Vooks for the tip.


    In before 'I haven't played my Wii since Twilight Princess and there for it sucks'.

    Great news for Nintendo, but 2010 line up is dire without Kirby.

      As much as I think DKC has aged terribly, DKC Returns is my knight in shining monkey fur...

        Problem isn't DKCR, it's probably going to be good. Problem is if you don't like Donkey Kong.... you're stuffed.

        Hopefully Epic Mickey can fill the void.

      Yep - Lack of Kirby makes for a bad 2010. Although i admit that SMG2 and DKR are good enough to make this one of the better years for the wii.

    Monster Hunter Tri entirely justifies my purchase of the Wii. As does Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    I'm looking forward to DKCR and the 25th anniversary Mario All-Stars.

    Don't forget Sonic Colours, only 2 more sleeps!

    Yes there are several good games in Nov and Dec from what I've seen. Bond, Mickey, Sonic all look like fun 3rd party games, and DKC looks like it should be great.

    But can't change the fact that us Aussies do get shafted somewhat. :/

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