No Full-Body Protective Suits For You, Kinect Players!

When the Wii was launched, gamers got hurt. They whacked their TVs, their friends and themselves with the Wii Remote, which prompted Nintendo to make a protective jacket for the remotes. Likewise, Kinect players are getting hurt. Is Microsoft giving out protective body suits?

Well, no. Sadly, it doesn't not look like Microsoft will be giving up body protectors, foam hand protectors or all-purpose moron protectors. Microsoft, however, is giving out advice. And it's totally free.

"As consumers adapt to this new style of play, there have been a few reports of minor incidents during enthusiastic game play," the company tells Kotaku. "Microsoft would like to remind consumers to practice safe game play, as detailed in our instruction manuals and Kinect introduction video, especially emphasising the importance of playing in an area free of obstructions and within your physical capabilities."

In short, look where you are swinging your arms and don't over do it. There are no full-body Microsoft protectors to save you!



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