Not A Nun, Not A Schoolgirl, We Were Wrong

The 3rd Birthday's protagonist Aya Brea is getting a whole host of embarrassing costumes: torn jeans, ripped stockings and a maid outfit. Her latest costume isn't anything to be ashamed of though. It's far too badass for that.

This is the character's "knight costume" that Aya is able to snag in an in-game antique shop. She's also holding a new weapon, which is called the "pile bunker". Perhaps her next outfit is the schoolgirl duds?

Clock's running out on costume reveals. The 3rd Birthday hits stores on December 22 in Japan.

Aya's A Bit More Covered Up In Her Knight Costume [Siliconera]


    Awesome. I LOVE pile bunker weapons.

    Now if only they'd release this damn game on a relevant console...

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