Not Your Average PC Gaming Rig

As Korean MMORPG "The Exiled Realm of Arborea" nears its release, a fancy gaming rig is rolled out for the press, complete with six LCD monitors and fishnet stockings. As seen on Game Watch Impress.

Gameface is a photographic celebration of the people who make, play and love video games.


    Damn I didnt realize the Korean version hadnt even been released yet? Man we are going to be lucky to get the english version next year.

    Hopefully that setup suggest it may atleast run with eyefinity/wide screen resolutions.

    Mmmmmm...not bad, and the screens are nice too.

      The screens on the right are nice ;D

    I can't imagine playing a game with those lines breaking up the screen, especially the horizontal one across the middle since it'd be where the focus should be

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