Now This Is A LEGO Game We'll Never See

There are plenty of game franchises that would be perfect for the LEGO treatment. Halo. Ratchet & Clank. Zelda. But God of War? Hrm.

Samir Karmieh's LEGO Kratos makes us wish the Danish toy giant would at least consider it, though. It could be one great ironic joke (much like most LEGO games are at the moment anyway), one of the bloodiest game series pared back for kids with a hero that's out for justice, not vengeance, and who beds down with not boobies, but a good book and some ice cream.

If you like, he's also done a few other gaming characters as LEGO, including Metal Gear's Solid Snake.

LEGO Kratos [3DOcean, via Gamefreaks]


    As a kid who grew up with the Marios, Zeldas and Banjo Kazooie's of the N64 era; I've always been disappointed with the success of the Lego Games.

    They're the equivalent of Happy Meal Toy, shameless product placement and some mindless gaming in sidescrolling environments.
    --RANT OVER--

      Really? I grew up with the "Marios, Zeldas and Banjo Kazooie’s of the N64 era", and I can't get enough Lego Batman. I mean, it's Lego, Batman AND Video games in one seamless whole. The only thing it could possibly do better is invite attractive women over to play co-op. Clearly you have to give it another try.

      Also, Lego Halo? Excuse me while I balk. If any shooters are going to be Lego-ified, I'd be looking out for 007. Zelda I'm all for though... Heck, Lego Zelda in the real world would be better.

    LEGO Gear Solid would be pure awesome.

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