Now This Is How You Do Physics, Video Games

There have been plenty of games that feature both playground physics and destructible environments. The awful Fracture and the lovely LittleBigPlanet come to mind. Tiny & Big, though, is taking both features to a whole new level.

An episodic game for the PC, the first instalment is called Grandpa's Leftovers. The game is a platformer that has you moving around and solving puzzles using two items: a grappling hook, controlled by the left mouse button, and a laser beam, controlled using the right mouse button.

As you can see in the clip below, what you can do to a level with just these two tools looks incredible. You'll be able to play a demo of the game next week, available on its website (or, if you want to play it now, grab a "beta" demo!).

[via IndieGames]


    The popup text obscures like the whole screen.

      Not to mention that they don't really appear at appropriate places, and linger for far too long. They should make them smaller and only occur for as long as the sound actually would.

    Booo broken video :(

    SICK art style! So good.

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