Odin Sphere Voice Actor Gets A Special (And Very Scary) Delivery

When veteran voice actor Sho Hayami (pictured) of Space Channel 5 and Odin Sphere fame checked his mail earlier this spring, he apparently found more than fan letters.

An unemployed 46-year-old woman named Mayumi Konishi, who was arrested for sending a knife as a threat to an elementary school, confessed to also sending a knife to Hayami. Konishi was previously charged with "forceful interference" for the elementary school incident, the Mainichi Daily News reports (via ANN). Police are planning on charging her for the Hayami incident as well.

Konishi is a member of Hayami's fan club.

This past March, a package addressed to Hayami and his eldest son contained a cat plush toy with a butcher knife stuck in it.

This doesn't seem to be the first time Hayami received blades in the mail. Four years previously, there were around fifty incidents in which knives and threatening letters were sent to his home and talent agency.

Besides his work in video games, Hayami is also noted for his work in anime.

脅迫:声優の自宅に包丁送る 容疑で女再逮捕 - 毎日jp(毎日新聞) [Mainichi via ANN][Pic]


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