Old Actors Say The Darndest Things

You know when a man truly sounds like he's out of touch? Not when he's blaming the next big thing, but when he develops selective memory about the last big thing. As seen on The Telegraph.


    I tend to agree, movies at the moment are horrible, i think they are making them to compete with video games for a generation which all seem to suffer from ADD.

    A lousy plot in a video game can be forgiven but in a movie its hard to, especially when you pay 12 dollars for a movie which is just killing for the hell of it with hardly any justification with characters you couldn't give a damn about.

      I'm sure if you go back in time with your magical time machine of time, you would see that there were always shit movies.

      Completely agree. Films these days have very little (if any) substance. Recycle the same old scripts, add some explosions or dick jokes and you've got yourself the next big summer hit.

      Thornton nailed it.

        Bull plop he nailed it, total garbage, some of the most though provoking and intelligent films have been made in only the last few years.

        Billy Bob has just hit that unfortunate early stage of senility when everything was better back in 'his day'.

        Sure the popularity and current inexpensiveness of digital special effects means that a lot of films that would normally go straight to video are now getting cinema releases. But for every Resident Evil there's an Inception, a Let the Right One In, a Hurt Locker, a Never Let Me Go. The list goes on.

        There will always be brilliant movies and there will always be crap movies. As to whether one currently has more prevalence over the other depends roughly on how old and/or cynical you're currently feeling.

        Plus we're talking about a man who's afraid of antiques because they're all haunted, hardly a ferocious intellect at work.

    Yes because Armageddon had so many important life lessons Mr Thornton...

    What a dumb thing to say.
    What did we learn from Commando? From Friday the 13th? All Die Hard taught me was "don't mess with Bruce Willis".

    Humans find violence entertaining. So violence enters our entertainment where it can, and we love it, for better or worse. End of story.

      I learnt a lot from Commando actually:
      1. The turtle drum combined with saxophone makes truly sensual music
      2. How to let off steam (lololololololol)
      3. Tool sheds are the most dangerous hiding places
      4. When you get hit by an M60 on a roof top, you NEED to do a silly dance
      5. Most important of all: John Matrix lies

        Lessons from Predator:
        1. Arnie is unbeatable at impromptu mid-air arm wrestles – not even Apollo Creed can't beat him.
        2. Covering yourself in mud is fun, but also practical.
        3. Chewing tobacco makes you a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus.
        4. Long Tall Sally is, indeed, built sweet. She got EVERYTHING.
        5. Amma have me some fun.

          Lesson from PredatorS:
          1) Don't watch Predators

          Lessons from Raw Deal:

          1) Your bullets are more accurate when you put on a Rolling Stones tape beforehand

          2) Windscreens are for pussies

          3) Even if you are the funny guy from Murphy Brown, you're still gonna get killed

          4) A white singlet is perfectly good body armour

          5) When your loving wife has made you a cake, don't sit there emotionless just because your best friend got brutally gunned down in a graveyard

        I learnt a lot from Super Hornio Bros. actually:
        1. Ron Jeremy is the Hedgehog
        2. Ron Jeremy is the Hedgehog
        3. Ron Jeremy is the Hedgehog
        4. Ron Jeremy is the Hedgehog
        5. Ron Jeremy is the Hedgehog

          Also the cabinet minister is all bullshit. All off it.

            You cooked up a story and dropped us into the MEATGRINDAH!

      If you read the full comment he's not talking about lessons in the educational sense, just that all the hero characters are inherently good and they act like they know the action is all fake and take us on a light-hearted journey.

      My biggest complaint is over-editing and over use of CGI but that's just because of increasing available technology.

    There are plenty of good movies being made these days, it's just that not many of them are coming out of the major studios (although there are still some good studio movies, too).

    The problem, Billy-Bob (if that IS your real name) is that the tossers running the studios are so utterly risk averse they'd rather just churn out endless remakes, rehashes, reboots and current-celebrity-of-the-month cash-ins that they're unwilling to take a punt on a movie just because it has a good script.

      Yeah, but if he said that he'd never get another job.

    I think the influence is the other way around, movies are the original medium of the two and people want to do the crazy stuff they see in movies. And it's almost a given that movies trying to emulate or represent games are pretty shit - gaming culture hasn't ruined anything, Hollywood studios and producers have.

    That being said, I'd like to know how he thinks Bad Santa and the upcoming Bad Santa 2 will benefit anyone: you can get shot 10 times and live?

    Couldn't agree more with Billy Bob. Last good movie I saw was District 9, and that was ages ago. Avatar was OK, if a bit cheesey. What is there to look forward to? Transformers 3? God help us all!

    And yes, I'm a 33 year old who misses the good old days too. 70s and 80s films ruled. 90s were OK, but after that it was like.. the end of the line!

      I'm a 32 year old and I'm ashamed we're in the same demographic! Back to your loom old man.

      Also District 9 only came out last year. I think by any stretch of logic it would fall into the group of 'current modern films'.

    I have to begrudgingly agreed, to a point. - I blame video games that pertain to have "plots" - the most recent example I can think of playing is Black Ops. What an excruciating mess. "AAA" title games have plots which would make you cringe if it was a bargain bin straight to DVD movie. And not even in a 'so bad its good' way. Not only did BO have no plot, it also had no pacing or confidence in the attention of its player - THAT is what corrupts a generation by lowering their expectation of a story is, not the actual violent content on screen itself.

    Most movies (from America) seem to show lots of Americans dying, then winning even though the odds are greatly stacked against them. Like the recent A-Team movie, and anything by Michael Bay, there is a clear message of "Don't **** with the US Military".

    Also, very subtle, but once you notice it, you will always notice it (so stop reading now if you don't want to know):

    America shows off their wealth to the world by showing how much food they have to eat. Every movie, TV show, etc, will show them eating. Challenge: Find 10 feature films or TV Series that DON'T feature a food/eating scene.

    I mean even LOST had FOOD, and they were stuck on an island!

      omigosh...so, to make every country feel inferior...they eat.

      How could i not see this before! Subliminal Propoganda!

    His words would have a lot more impact if I didn't know he was scared of antiques and the spirits they possess and insists that all antique furniture removed in the hotel suites he stays in.

    Talented actor, poor thinker.

    He speaks the truth.

    I mean look at the biggest selling video games, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Really? There's a dumbed down action movie turned into a game if I've ever seen one. This is what the general public see "gamers" playing. They take no notice when smart games with actual story get released, so in the mind of general public they don't exist.

    Translate that to the utter crap that's been coming out of hollywood for the last decade and you can see how people will compare it with the mindless dribble of franchised military first person shooters.

    Bad Santa anyone?

    I can... only... focus on.. the make up in that photo...

    I agree with him. I'd say 80% of the movies coming out these days are horrible, and the impact of violence has become entertainment. I can't remember the last time I went and saw a poignant movie at the cinema.

    I love video games, but I think where Thornton is wrong is, they make movies to compete with games, but they don't.

    People who play games don't see a lot of movies. It's why Hollywood is losing money and studios are closing.

    Haha nice way to pass the buck americano! Its video games faulty that shit movies are made.........whatever! Games are still in a very early stage in history. One day movies and games will be one and the power of a good story will be in the hands of the viewer. But we must take this controversial path first in order for a genre to grow. Learn everyone.............learn and enjoy because it will only get better and I say it's a he'll of a toboggan ride! Stop your whinging!

    He's got a bit of a point. Lots of gamers here are getting shitty because he slurred us in a way. My interpretation (possibly incorrect) is that he's talking about a younger, more desensitised generation. Kids have always been little smart-arses but these days they get too much credit and get away with too much. And we can't hit them.

    I wonder how many police and military personnel are in their current careers because of the idols they saw in movies during their childhood? More than a few I'd say. The world-weary gunfighter with an unshakeable moral compass makes quite an impression on a young kid. So does a bling-wearing, strap-slinging, bitch-slappin criminal who's surrounded by endless hos and wealth without labour or any apparent consequence. So does a brainless, rich heiress/reality tv degenerate with substance abuse problems. She's on the tv! Kids see these idiots who fuck up yet consistently get off with a slap on the wrist.

    Nowadays anti-heroes are hugely attractive because audiences have finally (after like a hundred years) wisened up to traditional hero cliches. I wonder how many hundred more years it will take before we collectively realise that Michael Bay and Tony Scott are selling us the same shit every year? But I have to concede that some cliches are good and worth keeping.

    The problem with cliches is that they make things predictable. Here's an example. Not the best one, but people understand what I'm getting at. If you saw "Pitch Black" when it first came out you could tell that Riddick was the centre of the film. You knew he was a criminal, but the writer kept things interesting by making the character somewhat selfish and self-preservative and in my opinion, unpredictable. Ok, everyone now knows that Riddick was the hero but there was doubt because initially he only appeared to help someone if it was in his own interests. We all like to be surprised.

    But I think that old Bill is concerned that in the kiddie-charisma stakes, the amoral protagonists tend to win out over the upstanding types these days. Doesn't that bother any of you? It bloody will when you're old and at their mercy.

    Good old-fashioned values don't change that much but market demographics can.

    While we're quoting the great Ah-nuld: "Give dis people ee-ar!"

    Yeah, I would say we are making some of the worst movies ever. I wouldn't blame gaming though, but an overbundance of special effects tied with movies that have an underabundance of plots, morales, or reason to exist other than make money.

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