On The First Day, Black Ops Was Bigger Than Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops is not just a popular game. It's a very popular game. More popular than Modern Warfare 2 was one year ago, its creators said today.

Activision executive Thomas Tippl told an audience of investors in New York that Black Ops has sold $US360 million worth of copies in its first 24 hours of release in North America and the UK this week, compared to $US310 million in the first day of release for Modern Warfare 2 a year ago. That's an increase, of course, though Tippl didn't specify whether Black Ops actually sold more copies (the games are sold in a variety of editions, all at different prices.)


    What ever happened to the Call of Duty boycott?

    I try and avoid activision games at all cost.

    Granted I might be lapse on that rule when it comes to Blizzard.

      I guess people enjoy playing fun games online with their friends? What an outrage!

      Age old story of thousands of angry people versus millions of happy buyers.

        Yeah, I agree with you there. For one comment from someone who enjoys the game, you get ten from people who hate it. I guess that's because the people who like the game are all playing it instead of commenting on forums and the like.

          exactly. people who enjoy the game have better things to do that come whinge about how crap a game is.

    Really glad it did so well and beat MW2 just to rub it in Infinity's face - COD4 is probably the best from the series and half of those employees are gone, they were always quick to trash Treyarch.

    I really liked World at War and loved the campaign as much as COD4 and thought controls wise, WaW was superior to COD4. MW2 was a good game, just didn't grab my attention as much as the 2 before it. However Black Ops I really like even though it has the MW2 feel to it. Maybe I'll give MW2 another go in a few months time... but for now, well done to Treyarch!

    But Activision can go die still...

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