Only Double Fine Could Bring You A Game With Farting Matryoshka Dolls

The people who made heavy metal fantasy adventure Brutal Legend and Halloween role-playing game Costume Quest have revealed their next game, Stacking, a simply named game with many layers. And Russian nesting dolls that emit vicious gas in gameplay.

Double Fine Productions and THQ have unveiled the second of two games they'll be releasing together, the downloadable puzzle-adventure Stacking. According to details provided to IGN, players will assume the role of tiny Russian stacking doll Charlie Blackmore who can insert himself into other, larger dolls to assume their abilities.

As shown in the game's debut trailer, Charlie can slip inside dolls that can float, unlock doors, seduce guards, belch, fart and scream, all tactics needed to overcome Stacking's puzzles.

Stacking is due to hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade early next year.

The Skinny on Double Fine's Next Game [IGN]


    Haha that looks brilliant! I love the look of it!

    My partner is addicted to Babushka dolls, so getting this should be easy :D

    So it's Messiah with babushka dolls instead of cherubs?

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