Otomedius Excellent Not Excellent Enough For 2010

Konami's cute-'em-up Otomedius (think Gradius meets boobs) was supposed to be this year in The Land of the Rising Sun. Supposed to be, because it won't.

The game, instead, will be out in the first half of next year in Japan on the Xbox 360, reveals Konami. In 2008, Otomedius Gorgeous! was also delayed. Seems Konami has problems getting its boob shooters out on time!

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, we had a chance to get hands on with the game. Read our impressions here.

And check out the game's opening movie to get an idea of what players are getting themselves into. Konami intends to publish the game in North America.


    Damnit, Konami, just make another damn Parodius game. Hell, make a "Parodius Rebirth" so we can all be happier.

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