People Are Already Lining Up For Kinect (And They're Not Crazy)

Microsoft's controller-free add-on for the Xbox 360 officially launches on November 4, but some clearly passionate Kinect fans are already lining up in New York City for the device's midnight launch. Crazy? Not really and here's why.

Microsoft is giving the first 3000 people who line up and buy Kinect at the official launch party $US150 worth of stuff - the cost of the camera add-on itself. If you're one of the 3000 who queue up for the Toys 'R' Us midnight launch in Times Square, you'll get a free copy of Kinect Sports, Kinect Joy Ride and a one-year Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Kinect already comes with Kinect Adventures, so people fortunate/patient enough to get in on the Times Square midnight launch deal will have plenty to play.

Those guys you see above, snapped in line earlier today by Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, will have first crack at the thing. If you can tolerate this kind of line-sitting and want free Kinect stuff, we'd recommend making plans sooner than later.

The Xbox maker will also be also handing out "commemorative gear and prizes".


    *sigh* I thought they were trying to stop this stupid queuing due to violence and other idiocy.

    Is it just me or does that just scream a lack of confidence on Microsoft's part?

      Given the preorders of the thing are selling out like crazy, it's just you.

      It's not just you. Refer to the amount thrown into the advertising of this and Windows Phone 1: their last attempt for both platforms. Microsoft is playing catch-up compared to their entire history of buy-out.

      Instead of buying and re-branding creativity/ingenuity, they're trying to re-package it: years after they've already lost the market.

    Interesting to see what the launch is like - Move came and went, I didn't notice for about 4 days, so it had less attention than I was expecting.

    On the flipside, I've seen Kinect all over TV, on ACA, Today Tonight and Ten news (they all sound so awkward talking about it, and always call it a new gaming console - doesn't anyone in TV play games?) so, while I don't be rushing out, I'm keen to see how it goes.

      That'd be something to do with the fact that Sony didn't spend US$500m on marketing.

    I don't want to wait until the 18th :(

      I know right. At least we get to see what games are good in reviews before they come out here though. Example; IGN giving Sonic Riders 7.5 = a purchase from me.

    I've preordered mine from amazon along with Dance Central so I should have it some time early next week and it works out about $50 cheaper too.

      Yeah, I've preordered my games from 101cd, about 50 bucks each. The only thing I'm getting locally is the Kinect unit itself because I'm paranoid about warranties, and Dance Evolution because I want to play it the second I set up Kinect, and I don't trust getting the games from the UK in time (I'm a very impatient person).

    Are we sure they are all waitng to "buy"?
    I rekon the dero with the drink is planning to mug a kid on the way out.

      Why? Because he's black?


        Check out some stats: there is a higher chance of that than a purchase from him especially taking into consideration his attire. This photograph looks like kids posing with a vagrant, not a queue for a video game accessory.

    i always thought "rent-a-crowd" was a Japanese/Chinese thing....

    Also: with the money you made working instead of waiting in line you could have purchased that $150 worth of 'free stuff' anyway.

      It's America. People don't have jobs there :P

        Love it haha. Well done.

    So they're... giving away 3000 sets of free equipment for people to line up? That's completely beside the point! What's the point doing this to simply give shit out? They're obviously not there willing to PAY for your crap. And think about the people outside the 3000, if they JUST missed out (say guy #3001), more likely than not they'll just be pissed off and storm off than hand over $150.

    Guys AUstralia's kinect launches tomorro cant w8
    already pre-orderd it at Eb
    cant w8
    who else is gettin it in aust??

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